When your husband is Puerto Rican, from Puerto Rico, GOYA is essential. Throughout the years I’ve found that there are some essentials that I always keep in our kitchen for some of our favorite dishes! Certain ingredients are the essentials of certain cultural dishes and Puerto Rican dishes are no different. Although I, like a lot of other home cooks would prefer fresh or homemade seasonings and starters these are great for busy families or any one just starting out cooking Puerto Rican food.

Goya Essentials for Cooking

Goya Yellow Rice 

This boxed yellow rice is SO good for weeknight meals and gets rice on the table quickly. If I’m making chicken I usually open up two of the boxes to feed our family of five. With two growing boys and a girl that eats like her dad, it’s just enough to fill bellies and have some leftover the next day.

Yellow Rice from Goay

Goya Black Beans 

Reggies dad taught us both how to make black beans. He only used these black beans and so do I. I’m not sure if I’ve ever used the same recipe twice haa! I just start with bacon and let the rest happen! No matter what, the black beans turn out perfectly and the kids rave! It might be a favorite of thiers!

Favorite Black Beans Brand from Goya

Goya Adobe Seasoning 

Reggie always grabs this. I never do because like I said he ALWAYS grabs adobe seasoning. I think one time I looked in the spices cabinet and found 6 different adobe seasoning. Needless to say it’s an essential because it can go on just about anything. We love it on Churrasco or any type of steak! But sometimes I also use it on weeknight chicken. You can never go wrong with the seasoning.

Goya Adobo

Goya Sazon 

Sazon packets have a lot of different variations. But I love to use these if I’m making rice from scratch or Puerto Rican Beans! I also use it in my chicken recipes included these Juicy Lemon Thighs. Not only does it add flavor but the color is gorgeous!

This is what Sazon For Cooking looks like

Goya Coconut Milk

I love using this for my homemade coconut creamer for my coffee. I add vanilla extract, cinnamon and nutmeg to make if flavorful and a little cozy.

Coconut Milk from Goya

Goya Cream of Coconut 

If you want to make the PEFECT PINA COLADA then use cream of coconut! This one has the perfect consisentcy for this drink in non-alcoholic form. I also love to use it in coconut cake!

Goya Marinade 

I learned to use this marinade on churrasco steak! Reggies dad taught us both how to make it and I will never NOT use it. But it also works perfectly on chicken and pork. Let it sit overnight for the best flavor. But even if you only have 30-1hr to marinate, it’s still worth it. Give it a good shake before you use it so that all the spices are evenly distributed. Otherwise all the good stuff sinks to the bottom.

Goya Mojo


Homemade sofrito is amazing. Reggies Tia brings it from Puerto Rico every time she comes to visit. But if you don’t have a tia like we do then this is a great option. Sofrito is made of culantro, cilantro, tomatoes, garlic , onions and other peppers. I was taught to add it to the beginning of the dishes as sort of a base. So you can add it to the oil before bean, steaks or chicken dishes.

Goya Sofrito for Cooking

Chicken Bouillon Cubes

I love to use this in a lot of dishes even outside our Puerto Rican dishes. Reggies dad taught us to also make Cuban Black Beans ( He’s from Cuba but lives in Puerto Rico. His mother is a Puerto Rican native) and he used these cubes in his dish so I always have them in the house for that very reason.

calso pollo

I hope this helps you get started with your Puerto Rican dishes! Don’t forget to check our our Puerto Rican cuisine collection and try some new recipes!

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