I must admit. I was NOT ready to dive into this years Michaels Christmas tree. I felt like I needed a Christmas hype man by my side as I went back and forth between ideas.

You know, someone playing all my favorite Christmas songs, like ” All I Want for Christmas” and a little Nsync and Michaels Jackson and saying things like ” You got this girl. You do Christmas boo!” haha!  I just could not get in the mood!!

Michaels Christmas Tree
Michaels Christmas Tree Ideas


Maybe because it’s literally still 100 degrees outside? Hello Phoenix, Arizona!

I’ve been wearing my beanie I got from my fall favorite things party a few weeks ago, thinking maybe if I just pretended, the season would change, but it didn’t. I just ended up with a sweaty beanie head. haha!

Well, I finally got in the mood for Christmas two days ago, but even then it was a stretch because I had just dressed the kids up in their halloween costumes and my belly hurt because I ate one, two, maybe 10 to many Reese’s cups.

But I finally got my act together and finished this years Michaels Dream Tree! 

Michaels Christmas Tree Sale
Christmas Tree Sale Michaels

It’s a  7.5 flocked beauty with touches of glass, white, soft gold and green. Not just any green, but a beautiful hunter green that seems to be everywhere right now. I love green. Olive green, kelly green, grassy green and mossy greens so hunter green is no exception.

I’ve done this challenge a few years now and last year I went off the neutral wheel and went with some REDS. It was so fun and I loved having red in my home for a few months but MAN I was so happy to put it away..lol!

So this year I went back to my first love, something just a bit more neutral. I feel like green is so cohesive to nature, that it counts as my neutral. It’s a color that I crave in my home. So along with some greenery and metallic accents this tree came together.

Michaels Christmas Tree Ideas

Shopping Michaels Tree Trimmings

The trimmings for the tree this year was pretty simple. I found this gorgeous ribbon at Michaels and I knew it would be the perfect accent for the tree. At first glance I didn’t love it but I decided to just use the reverse side of it! So it wouldn’t be so busy. I also added this striped black and white ribbon along with it. It was the perfect complement!  

Michaels Christmas
Decorating a Michaels Christmas Tree

These pretty star ornaments, snowflakes and glitter ball ornaments can be found in the special ornament section in Michaels.

Christmas Tree Ornaments from Michaels
Michaels Christmas Tree
Michaels Christmas Tree

I knew I wanted so hunter green ornaments to go on the tree. But after scanning the Michaels store and online, I wasn’t finding any. I decided the easiest thing to do would be to spray paint these large plastic/glass ornaments Hunter Green by Krylon. Just a light spray on both sides gave it some great coverage and made a great visual impact on the tree. 

Another fun feature I added to the tree were these clusters of white ornaments! They were another simple DIY. I just stringed 6 white bulbs on satin ribbon and tied them onto the tree! 

Michaels Ribbon
Michaels Tree

I also used the same technique on the glass clear bulbs too. 

Speaking of glass bulbs, I loved the simplicity of them so much that I added them all over the tree this year with green ribbon. It gave the tree some great contrast and glow. 

Michaels Christmas Tree Ornaments

I used dried eucalyptus on top of the tree for a simple topper with a wonderful scent! 

Michaels Trees

Michaels Christmas Tree Decor

The mantel was decorated with a medley of greens in mercury glass vases.

Michaels Christmas Decor
Michaels Christmas Decor Mantel

I used cute marquee lights along with command hooks to hang our furry stockings! 

Michaels Christmas Stockings
Michaels Mantel Decor
Michaels Tree
Michaels Christmas Tree Ideas and Decor

The rest of the room was complimented with other green accents like black and green buffalo check blankets that I purchased at Michaels too, candles, and flowers. 

Michaels Dream Tree Micheals Christmas Tree
Michaels Christmad Decor
Michaels Christmas Tree
Michaels Christmas Decor
Christmas Decor Ideas
Michaels Christmas Tree Ideas, Green Tree Idea, Modern Christmas Tree

Michaels Christmas Trees Ideas

Check out all my Dream Trees Below! Click on the picture to see more! Which one is your favorite?

Red and White Michaels Dream Tree
Cabin Black and White Michaels Dream Tree Just Destiny Mag
Black and White Christmas Tree from Just Destiny Mag
Dream Tree Challenge

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  1. I’m so in love with this green tree. Definitely my inspiration for my tree this year! How did you spray the clear ornaments without dripping? Mine is dripping and uneven, help pleaseeeee 😭

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