I’m so excited to finally reveal my MICHAELS DREAM TREE! It was so much fun creating this black and white tree with a little touch of gold. This black and white Christmas tree as well as the buffalo check black and white Christmas tree,  is one of my all time favorite color schemes. Here is why I love it and how I created it for the challenge

Why I Love a Black and White Color Scheme for Christmas

Well that’s easy. It’s always in style and never gets old. Adding neutral metallics like gold, silver and bronze gives it just a little extra glam! If you LOVE color you can still get a look just like this. Just add one or two of your favorite colors and BAM you got yourself a dream tree

A tree decorated in a black and white theme
Black and White Christmas Tree Decor

How I created This Dreamy Black and White Christmas Tree

When it came to creating this tree I wanted it to be cohesive. I feel like monochromatic rooms seem to invite those relaxing and calming atmospheres and that’s exactly what I wanted.

To make this Black and White Christmas Tree I used 5 simple steps:

  • I added flocked branches to the tree to make it fuller and to give it flocked look
  • I added black and white ribbon to the tree to give it some contrast
  • I made marble and spotted ornaments for a handmade look
  • I added whimsical items like wooden sleighs
  • I finished with small bulbs in gold and silver

To start things off I added some flocked branches I picked up from Michaels floral section to my 7ft pre-lit Christmas tree to brighten it up a bit.

This is a great way to get a white flocked look without spending the extra money! Place several of them in the tree for a winter feel. 

Easy Handmade Black and White Christmas Decor-3

Next, I also added some other gorgeous trimmings like black and white striped ribbon, handmade banners and handmade ornaments!

Handmade Black and White Christmas Ornaments

These faux marble ornaments were so fun to make. I simply took plastic clear ornaments which you can find a the craft store, black and white paint and went to town! Just check out the handmade marble ornament tutorial for all the details. 

Black and White Christmas_
I also made these dotted ornaments out of porcelain and glass ornaments as well. 
Michaels Dream Tree Challenge Christmas_-2

These wrapping papers are going to go great under the tree! Only $2 each folks! Plus there is a lot of paper on these rolls! You can find similar items in the links below! But for now take a closer look at the black and white Christmas tree along with other supporting decor to go with the entire look. 

Black, White and Gold Wrapping Paper

You’ll notice I added whimsical items like wooden sleighs along with simple glass ornaments in golds and silvers. I love to use different sizes so that there is some interest throughout the tree.

Classic Black and White Christmas decor

Also small ornaments are perfect for the ends of branches because they are light weight!


Here are more of my favorite Christmas Trees! 

To recreate a Black and White Christmas tree shop these similar products below


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  1. I just came across your blog and I have to say, I love your style in decorations and the way you are writing. Adding those little banners – too cute! I might just go and copy it. 😉

  2. I love black and white stripes and just adore the ribbon around the tree! It looks like the ribbon is actually two pieces side by side or sewed together? Or is it just one width of very wide ribbon? Thank you!

      1. Hi Destiny, the tree is fabulous and very inspirational! Could you please tell me where I could find the ribbon you used? I didn’t see anything like it at Michaels

      2. How did you fuse them together?? I am in LOVE with your tree and so inspired by it. I am having the hardest time finding ribbon as thick as yours. Thank you!!!

  3. Love this tree!! Did you make the Merry Chriatmas banners or buy them?? I’d love to be able to do the same for my tree!

  4. I absolutely love ur tree! But i am not crafty! Would. U have any suggestions where i can buy the black n white ribbon fused together ? Also any suggestions on how to put the ribbon garland on there so pretty? Start at the bottoms? Ornaments on before the ribbon/after? What material ribbon-mesh? See i told u I need help lol! Ive never done the ribbon before n dying to try 🙂

  5. Every year I try to do a tree that looks different from the previous year. You’r black and white tree is so beautiful!!!! I am so inspired that I am definitely stealing this idea.

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