Like so many of you I love to start my day off with a devotional. It gets me in the Word and gives me direction for the day or for the season of life I find myself in. There are somedays I sit and read the devotional, the verse and meditate on it. But there are also days were I read the ENTIRE devotional no matter what the suggested days/dates may be and dive deep into the subject I’m studying. 

I read somewhere awhile ago that we need to be spiritually feed daily. Just like we consume food, we should consume his Word just as eagerly. We would never go a day without food. If we did, our bodies would know it. We would have hunger pains, grumblings and be super HANGRY ha!

But also, we don’t just eat once a day. Or go days without eating. We would eventually starve. It’s the same with our spiritual food. Let’s not starve ourselves spiritually. We need to feed ourselves DAILY and more than once. So even if the devotional says Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc. Don’t be afraid to read it all in one day! Read until you are full and come back for more when you feel hungry again!! 

Bible App Devotionals for Women

Here are some of my favorite devotionals from the Bible App! You can download it on your phone or just use the website to read it on your desktop!

Bible in A Year

If you’ve followed God for sometime now, this is probably on your new year’s resolution list this year and it should be! Reading the bible is a great goal!

But even if you are new to your faith or just exploring this whole God and Jesus thing this is great for you too! You can keep the bible app as public or private as you want. I like to keep all of my studies to myself but highlight bible verses I’m loving for everyone to see because maybe it will encourage them as well! 

Here are my favorite bible plans for your to get started reading and exploring the bible! 

Favorite Everyday Devotionals for Women

These are great if you are just starting out and want to just hear God and start to connect or reconnect with Him and His Word!

My Utmost for His Highest– This was my very first devotional. It’s always been a favorite! My friend Alyssa gave it to me and it just has a treasure of knowledge if you are new to your faith. 

Hearing God’s Voice First– A good reminder of WHY we should start with God in the morning! 

Boundaries for Your Soul – I loved this devotional so much that I ended up putting the book on my favorite books blog post from this year. A great way to keep all those FEELINGs in check. Even your emotions need boundaries folks! 

21 Ways to Thrive by 45- I’m still have a few year in my 30’s but this was a great read and is perfect of ANY age! Lots of good little nuggets of advice. 

Beatitudes –Just a beautiful study of the Beatitudes we see in Matthew! I wrote in my journal for days while studying this. It’s such a great one! 

Grief, Anxiety, Pain and Doubt

We all go through really hard times. Last year was a tough time for me. The deeper God took me, the deeper I went into the bible. These devotions are great for you if you are in a tough season and need some daily reminders of your purpose and His character! 

The Louder the Song– a great devotional about those who experienced lament in the bible. It’s so comforting to know that we are NOT alone in our grief. Really focuses on God’s presence in our pain. 

When God Doesn’t Make Sense –A great resource for verses to turn to when God doesn’t make sense to you at all! I learned that even though it FEELS like he’s not there, Truth tells us He is. 

Fast Like Daniel If you are thinking about fasting this is a great place to start! It gives you some direction on how and why we should fast! I did the Daniel Fast this year and it was one of the best things I’ve done for my faith. I plan on fasting again this year.

Growth Devotions for Women

I’m always trying to be all that God has called me to be. These devotionals have help grow me in some way BIG or small! 

Exploring Your Gifts– I’ve always wanted to know my SPECIFIC gifts. Like I really want God to tell me himself ( in voice form or a burning bush…haa) what he wants me to do. But he has not. Instead, I’m still figuring it out. So devotionals like this help me hone in on my talents and also learn know about how God himself works! 

Comparison Trap– we all fall into this trap. This is a great reminder to ourselves that we are fearfully and wonderfully made! Be content with the blessings God has gifted YOU and focus on that because I promise you they are beautiful! 

Responding to Failure- I have a fear of failing. So much so that I don’t really take a lot of risks. But because of that fear I have missed out on SO many good things God has for me. This devotional reminds me that failure is apart of life. We should not only expect it but WELCOME it. Adversity is a powerful tool that God uses to grow us. So let’s get ready to fail! 

The Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan– I always feel better when I have a plan. This devotional is SO good for those of us who like to be prepared. I find myself saying sometimes ” What is happening right now God!?” Now I feel like I can recognize when I’m being attacked! The enemy comes to KILL STEAL and DESTROY!!! But God has given us the tools we need to slay the enemy every time. 

Gossip– Another one that so many of us have an issue with. For whatever reason gossip always gets back around to me ( about me ….haa) and it does NOT feel good. Especially when things are not true. But gossip is SO easy for ALL of us to justify.

When you’re not happy with another person what do you usually do? Tell another close friend! You vent. But biblically there are two basic principles that this devotional teaches us about the subject of gossip. Great read for sure. 

Bible Study Resources

Here are some resources you can use while you study the bible! I like to have my bible right next to me while I’m reading the devotionals plus a few other tools to help me jot down my thoughts 

My Bible– I use a study bible and it seriously is the best. I love having the commentary at the bottom to help me better understand the scriptures. 

The Bible Project

I LOVE the way The Bible Project breaks down each book with a video. It has helped me tremendously understand the stories of the bible and they even have a video on how to read the bible that I highly recommended!

Chasing Truth 

I like this one because each day you get a verse from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs! Plus it’s geared towards a woman’s heart which I appreciate! 

Do you have any questions about any other studies I have done? Feel free to comment below!

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