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Your heart’s in the right place! A joyful home is something we all want for our family. Even though we won’t reach perfection, your intentions are so good and they do matter! After years of loving my home and family I’ve written down 8 things we do with intention that I believe can create a more joyful home.

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    Welcome to Just Destiny Home

    Just Destiny Home is not only about the things I love but you too! Because we are sisters! We love the home and all that’s included! We dreamed of raising a family, making our homes more beautiful and honoring God with it all.

    The Just Destiny Home community is all about kindness, positivity and encouragement!

    So grab a cup of your favorite drink and consider this your official invitation to spend an afternoon learning, dreaming or being inspired with me.

    Family Recipes

    What’s for dinner tonight? Looking to bake something sweet for your small group coming over? We got you covered!

    OH HI! I’M Destiny

    I’m so happy you’re here!

    Just Destiny Home is not only about all the things I love, but you too! You see, we’re kinda the same. We are home lovers and sisters! We love how a beautiful space can inspire the heart. We like getting up and starting out the day with some iced coffee and Jesus. We also have a family who drives us crazy but who we adore and serve with all our hearts! 

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