It’s been 7 years since we first called this place home and all though we have made so many improvements on our house I can’t help but to feel I have SO much more I want to do. We have four bathrooms in our house, which might sound cool but it’s actually a pain:0) More on that later..haha! But I wanted to start remodeling them one by one. I love pretty powder rooms and definitely have plans to make one in our home. It’s really a unique space in each home because it’s one of those spaces that you KNOW your guest will end up seeing. It needs to be clean, functional and also reflect your overall decor style.

[line] The Perfect Powder Room[line]

So what does the perfect powder room entail you ask? I thought about it and came up with some must haves for mine. I made a little board below to get the ideas flowing. Marble is a must:0) 



Bathroom by Just Destiny Mag

[line]Small Sinks[line]

The smaller the space the smaller the sink. Our bathroom downstairs is considered a half bathroom which mean it doesn’t have a full shower or bath. So that means the room is really small. I love free standing sinks or pedestal sinks for spaces like this. BUT on the other hand I like for the space to be cozy, not to sterile. I have a pedestal sink in there now so I would LOVE to replace it with a cabinet or a chrome and marble washstand. This gold washstand is so fabulous!. But chrome seems to be more timeless to me. I could see myself wanting to change out the gold in a few years. 

powder room after my puuuurfectly glamorous powder room

Style at Home

[line]Rustic Touches[line]

My style can be describe as a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I can appreciate all types of design elements. But when it comes to my own home you’ll see most of my spaces lean heavily on textured neutrals with small doses of color. I love rustic furniture, mirrors and other accessories to make the space feel like it’s a combination of old and new! 

source unknown

[line]Pretty Hardware[line]

Unique elements are so fun in small spaces like this. Getting creative with faucets and other hardware around the powder room is a must! I also love a unique sink which is always a conversation starter. I visited the Delta Faucet headquarters and fell in love with this single spot faucet. I MUST have it in my remodel some way! The photo below makes me want to add all the shiny things to my space as well! Can you imagine that chandelier! WOW! Maybe I’ll save this one for my master bathroom:0) 

xo[line]Mood Lighting[line]

I like powder rooms with moods. Too much light makes me feel to stimulated. A well lit sink and maybe some shelves seems to be the perfect combination of lighting for me. This picture below is the highlights a moody bathroom so well!  I might just need to go with dark walls after looking at this photo! 

Black Powder Room, Cottage, bathroom, The Fat Hydrangea

 the fat hydrangea

[line] Flooring[line]

The floor in bathrooms are a place you can experiment with different types of flooring you wouldn’t necessarily use anywhere else. I love this one from Elements of Style. A herringbone floor in marble makes this bathroom a showstopper! There you see that pretty gold again…..maybe just maybe:0) 

gray vanity marble chevron floor

Elements of Style Blog

So there ya have it. Some must have element to my perfect powder room. I can’t wait to get this party started! The hardest part has been just deciding what I want to do with the walls. Tile, paint or wallpaper! Plus staying on some what of a budget:0)

Do you have any must haves when it comes to powder rooms? Did I miss something? I want to hear from you!

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