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  1. Love your blog Destiny you have such a beautiful home and family! Can you tell me what color the buffet is in your dining room?

  2. Just wanted to say I happen to come across your blog via a post of your tree on pinterest! So glad I did. Absolutely stunning is all I can say, your home, your decorations everything!

  3. Destiny, this is my first vist to your home, found you thru the blog tour. It’s lovely and I can’t wait to come back and take some time to look around. I love the Seasons print, can you tell me where it came from? Thanks so much!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Can you tell me where you got the “office” and “laundry” room signs they are so cute! I love how you mix different colors and it goes so well!

  5. Love your beautiful home! Where did you get the signs in your hallway? The office, closet, etc ones.

  6. Wow is your home gorgeous! I have seen so many Christmas homes, my head is spinning. Yours really stands out. I love your color scheme.. everything in your home. Enjoy your holiday.

  7. Hi Destiny! I am stopping by from the roster Ali sent out of Lifestyle studio member and I am so glad I did! Your home is absolutely breathtaking. Your blog is too! I am so excited to follow along now! Have a wonderful week! Off to follow you on instagram too!

  8. WOW Destiny! Your home is STUNNING! I’m in awe of all of your fabulous decor(and a bit jealous ha) Love your blog..Recently found you!

    Happy Holidays!


    1. Forgot to tell you that the green “read more here” button on the right sidebar under the pic of you, doesn’t work! Thought you’d wanna know!

  9. I love your home, will you decorate mine for me;) Where did you get your striped curtains that are in the room with the piano? I have been looking for new ones and love those.

  10. I love your kitchen! Everything looks stunning!
    Destiny, did you post how you made your Merry Christmas banner on your mantle. I LOVE that!

  11. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I have to ask a question about the non-holiday decor, though 🙂 Where did you get the signs above the doors – office, laundry, etc.? Love that idea!

  12. Love following you and reading your blog. Your home looks lovely and very cozy! I love the idea of using the hubcap for a wreath…turned out FAB!

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