We are back today with our final post of The Smart Home Guide for Busy Moms! I hope you’ve learned a lot during our series! If you missed the beginning you can start with our first smart home post. 

Today we are discussing more smart light options for you! The Phillips Hue White and Color Ambiance Light set has endless possibilities when it comes to having some fun with you lighting! Just like it implies the Phillips Hue  has over, 20,000 colors in one light bulb! This is great for setting the perfect mood for any event your having in your home OR outside in the yard!

This actually might be one of my favorite addition to date! It’s really fun setting up routines, color schemes and changing the light colors just for fun! 



  • It last almost 25,000 hours compared to a regular light bulb that last 1,000-2,000 ours depending on the bulb!
  • Its easy to set up once you have the hub plugged in
  • Pre Made Light setting on the app include perfect situational lighting for reading, sunset, etc.
  • The Hue collection now comes in all different size bulbs so you can install them in your chandelier  or lighting fixtures that use a different size!
  • Dimmable so you can adjust lighting as needed
  • Voice ready for Amazon Alexa and other voice control devices 



  • You might not like that it needs a hub
  • Changing each light could get expensive 

Setting up the Phillip Hue Bridge 

The set up is really easy! Start off with the Hue Bridge  and connect the bridge to a router via an ethernet cable. Once the four lights on the bridge light up you can move on to the app and it will take it from there. 

Download the Phillip Hue App (not the bridge app)  available in the App Store. Once that is downloaded and you are logged in, go to Settings>Hue Bridge> Add Hue Bridge. Follow the steps on the app! 

Setting up the Phillip Hue Light Bulb

Now that the bridge is set up, you can set up the light bulb. Choose the spot where you want the light to go and screw it into the light source. Turn the light on. Open the Phillip Hue App and head to Settings>Light Setup> Add Light. Hit search and wait for the app to find the light. Once it is found, name the light according to placement and the room. For example I called this light Family Room Sconce. Do this for each light bulb so you can name each light or group them together in each room. 

Like a said before, this is a really fun set up! You can change the lighting to match the mood or even for a party! Imagine Halloween, Christmas or even summer nights! They can all have a different feel once you change the lighting schemes! 

I also mentioned above that the lights do work with Alexa. All you need to do is add the Phillip Hue Skill on your Alexa device. 

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