Have you ever wondered if there’s a difference between all those dishes you see at your local Target or department store? Besides the obvious dish education your receive when you sign up for your registry, there’s actually some differences that could help you decide on the best everyday dishes or casual dish sets.

I’ve been scouring books, magazines and the internet to check out these differences because I wanted to see if there was something I didn’t know and I guess I found a few things worth sharing. Also remember I’m somewhat of housewares expert after working for The Inspired Home Show for years now! So these things are fun for me.

Basically everyday dinnerware comes in a few different materials which include earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, glass or plastic. The most expensive everyday dinnerware sets are going to boast features such as chip resistant and made of the most durable porcelain and stoneware. 

The most versatile color choice when buying would be white or off white set because it’s easy to coordinate, showcases your food a whole lot better, and most likely won’t fade.

One thing I suggest when upgrading your everyday dishes and dinnerware or if you are choosing a set for the first time, is to get something that’s timeless. Meaning something that will last you a few decades or so or even forever. Think of something that would be a great hand me down to your daughters or granddaughters or any other dish lover in the family.

Everyday Dishes: Stoneware       

You’ll find that stoneware is both a hard and durable option for your everyday plates. They can basically take a lickin and keep on tickin! You’ll also find stoneware in various colors and finishes which is great for those who like their plates colorful!                      

I just recently updated my everyday dishes to these Farmhouse plates from Crate and Barrel. Now, if you are turned off  or on ( haha) from the word ” farmhouse” don’t worry, I think these plates are a neutral and really would go with any style!  We’ve had them for a few years now and we LOVE them! Like  LOOOOVE THEM!!! 

Which Everyday Dishes Should You Choose

I only purchased the plates and the bowls but after using them I’m going to order more for sure. I think the smaller plates will be great for the kids.

Crate and Barrel Farmhouse Dishes
Best Crate and Barrel Dishes for Everyday Use

A few things I love about these everyday dishes ..

  • They are big enough and they have a lip. For some reason the lip is so subtle but it’s absolutely my favorite part. When I’m plating food for the kids or for my hubby I can move sides all the way to the edge without them falling out or off the plate. It’s the little things! haha 
  • They have a smooth finish all the way around. I bet some of you are wondering what I’m talking about, but sometimes plates are glazed on top but not on the bottom. These are glazed all the way around which makes for better stacking and you don’t get as many scratches when you stack them. 
  • They have matching pieces. I love the fact that I can not only add a bowl and a cup to my collection, but also a pitcher, pancake warmer ( or waffles!) , batter bowl and more! 
Crate and Barrel Best Dishes
Best Everyday Dishes to Choose

Shop these stoneware sets:

Everyday Dishes: Earthenware

Although earthenware is not as sturdy as stoneware it is budget friendly and perfect for those who aren’t ready to invest in a more durable set. Earthenware dishes do chip easily but because of the thinner material they allow for some beautiful details like this Emma Set from Pottery Barn that I love!

Emma Dinnerware White Everyday Dishes

Shop these earthenware sets:

Everyday Dishes: Porcelain

Caterer's 12-Piece Dinnerware Set 
Everyday Dishes

Porcelain is also a great option for your everyday dishes. I must admit when I hear the word porcelain I immediately think delicate and fragile. But when it comes to everyday use, porcelain is the strongest and most durable material there is when it comes to dishes.

From my understanding as long as you purchase the dishes in white vs. a porcelain with patterns ,you won’t see any fading. Many restaurants and hotels use similar sets for their durability and longevity.

Great White Porcelain Dinnerware Everyday Dishes

The set pictured above is from Pottery Barn and is chip resistant and is also dishwasher and microwave safe. I think these would coordinate beautifully with other colorful dinnerware for a spectacular holiday setting. These pieces are an investment, ranging in prices from $200.00-$1500.00 for a full set.

Shop these Porcelain sets:

Everyday Dishes: Denby Stoneware

I know! I jumped back to stoneware. But I think these beautiful dishes need their own category.

If I could only show you how much I love these next plates. Yes even more than my farmhouse plates I mentioned above. If I could ONLY LET YOU KNOW!

I personally discovered Denby Pottery at my last Inspired Home show in Chicago and have big a fan ever since. With heirloom quality pieces and 200 years of business, these England made glass dishes are beautiful friends. They have 10 year guarantee for their dishes which focuses on making their pottery sustainable!

I have a big crush on the Studio Blue Collection and the Studio Craft Collections. I own the plates for both collections and they just make me swoon. The smoothness of them is like butta! Go check them out. You will love them.

Denby Studio Craft Collection best Everyday Dishes
Denby Studio Craft Dishes
Denby Studio Canvas Denim Collection Best Everyday Dishes

I recently purchased the Canvas Collection plates that I used on my Friendsgiving table and I love those as well.

Denby Canvas Plates

So which everyday dishes will you choose?

Along with stoneware, earthenware and porcelain, glass, melamine and safe plastic are all options when it comes to choosing everyday dishes.

I personally love the stoneware options for everyday dishes and porcelain and china for special occasions.

Check out my current favorites! 

Ready to update your everyday dinner dishes? This is a great guide on the best everyday dishes to choose! Written by housewares lover Just Destiny who loves all things home and walks you through her favorites for every budget!

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  1. oh how i love dishes! the ones we use for everyday are white from bed bath and beyond. we got them as wedding gifts but now 5 years later I would love to add more pieces to them since we only have 4 bowls! but i can’t find the pattern anywhere, I think it’s been discontinued. 🙂

    1. Hi Andrea!
      Just saw this post. I’m the Lead Bridal Consultant for the Bed Bath and Beyond in Conway, AR. What dinnerware were you trying to find pieces to?

    1. I second your statement. Corelle fares much better in everyday use and yet looks great after years of use.

  2. I found this very helpful. I had a set I thought was stoneware and it chipped instantly, within one year the whole set was trashed. Now I have a new set and am researching how to prevent repeating history. Now I know why they chipped though – they had to have been earthenware, i can see it from your photos that just the style is like the earthenware styles. I think I should have never used it in the microwave or dishwasher even though it said safe. It crazed all over.

  3. The Emma Collection from Pottery Barn is stoneware. I called the company because I’m interested in that set, just so you know.

      1. The Pottery Barn website indicates the Emma items are “made of fine stoneware.” The dinnerware description doesn’t say it, but I can’t imagine they’d make all the serving pieces of a different material.

          1. I have (had) 12 Emma dinnerware sets. Every bowl (cereal) chipped. Regular wear and tear for plates, have some with chips. Pottery Barn said no one has returned them. I can’t be the only one!!! Site says stoneware now, not sure about before when I purchased them several years ago. I need to purchase nw dishes, love the off white or cream colors. Any advice?

          2. I have the Emma as well and they have so many chips over time. They also crazed and leave silverware marks. I don’t believe they can be stoneware. I had one sales associate tell me (after I bought them and came in and complained) that they would chip more than another style (I think the Cambria) because they were a different material. I am disappointed and ready to make a change. Thank-you for your descriptions, I will look for stoneware this time and hope for better results!

  4. We make high quality white stoneware by hand at our studio in Corrales, New Mexico. We’ve worked hard to make our plates durable for everyday use, and agree that white plates makes food look great. All our work is thrown by hand on a pottery wheel, and fired to nearly 2400 degrees, making it microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe. Check us out! http://www.hanselmannpottery.com

    1. Love this collection! Reminds me of the set my parents received as a wedding gift in ’78 and our family has used every year since. Stoneware is the way to go for durability. Will be sharing your link.

  5. I have the Emma collection from Pottery Barn. Almost every piece has chipped. In fact I received a set at my bridal shower, and one bowl was chipped upon opening the gift box. Also, they do not heat evenly in the microwave. The dish gets red hot, but the food lukewarm. I have to take the plate/bowl/mug out with a dish towel or pot holder 🙄.

  6. Stoneware is too heavy for me everyday. I have a neuromuscular disease and my hands are an issue. Is porcelain as light as corelle? Microwave and dishwasher safe are important to me. As well as sturdy and chip resistant. Is porcelain still an option to meet my needs?

  7. Stoneware is perhaps the worst out of the three…usually. I have yet to hear someone who loves stoneware over the others. The main reason: It chips faster than you can say it’s name. Regular glass is another horrible idea for any type of dinnerware. Those chip and break even worse than Stoneware. Finally, the best one out of the best I seen is Bone China. However, Corelle’s take on Bone China is perhaps the best I’ve seen in dishes. From working in a closeout store (unfortunately we do not sell Corelle but it is a tradition in my family to use them), I would have to say Corelle first, and then porcelain. Be wary of the new fad with melamine, sure it’s semi cheap and is durable since it is plastic, but you cannot microwave it and top rack only!

  8. I just purchased my first set of stoneware in 35 years. I purchased Denby because they have a 10 year guarantee on the pattern. I love too the lip on the coupe plates in this set and always wanted a set of blue dinnerware. I splurged and will purchase more of this pattern as Denby expands it to include other pieces.

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