Just a couple of weeks until Halloween! I have a pretty cute costume that won’t have you spending hours behind a sewing machine. It’s actually a no sew which is even better! I know a thing about last minute costumes.

One year I seriously didn’t buy the boys costumes out of pure exhaustion. I had just had our baby girl and I guess I just couldn’t think straight. So if you are in the same boat I hope this idea gives you some confidence to tackle this easy last minute DIY Cat Costume!

Easy Childs Cat Costumes  - Just Destiny_-17
Easy Childs Cat Costumes  - Just Destiny_-18
Easy Childs Cat Costumes  - Just Destiny_-24
This one should be as stressful though. You can pick up just about everything from Michaels this year to make your little girl a easy and simple last minute, cat costume with a black tutu. 

How to Make a DIY Cat Costume

Time needed: 3 hours and 25 minutes

Here’s what your going to need to make this costume:
Black Spool of 1 inch Ribbon
Black Boa
Black Long Sleeve Shirt
3 Spools of Black Glitter Tulle
1 Spool Black Tulle Wave Pattern
1 Black Costume Ear, Tail and Bow Set
1 Spool of Rhinestone Ribbon

Black Tights
Hot Glue Gun

  1. Cut Ribbon to Fit Around Waist

    Cut to size a piece of ribbon with room to tie around the waist. Mark each side were the ribbon will be tied around the child’s waist.Ribbon for Cat Costume

  2. Cut the Tulle

    Take the black glitter tulle and black wave tulle and cut it into long pieces according to your child’s height. My pieces were 7-8 inches in length when folded in half. So 14-16 inches total. 

  3. Tie the Tulle to the Ribbon

    Next I used a combination of knots to secure the tulle onto the ribbon. I used two different types of tulle and a traditional knot and a slip knot to secure the tulle. This makes the tutu a little more fuller all the way around.

    To slip knot, fold each strip of tulle in half. This should create a loop on one end and two loose tails on the other.Then take the halved tulle strips over the ribbon so that only a few inches of the loop stick out over the top. Then fold the tail ends around the waistband and pull them through the loop! Tighten and repeat until finished!Easy DIY Tutu

  4. Secure the tulle around the ribbon

    tulle for costume

  5. Cat Boa T-Shirt

    To create a boa collar and wrists simply take a long piece of boa (black) and cut it to size to fit the neckline of the shirt and wrists. Secure it with hot glue on all sides! DIY Cat Costume Shirt

Extra Detail to Add to DIY Cat Costume

For a little fun I also added a gold belt and gold ears by cutting out some gold rhinestone ribbon and adding it to the waistline of the shirt and to the ears of the cat using hot glue! I think this could also work with Michael’s vinyl glitter! 

To finish off add your little ones tights, shoes, ears and tails! You can also find some awesome black face paint at Michaels for those cute little whiskers and nose!

Cat Costume with Tutu - Just Destiny_
Easy Childs Cat Costumes  - Just Destiny
Easy Childs Cat Costumes  - Just Destiny
Easy Childs Cat Costumes  - Just Destiny
Easy Childs Cat Costumes  - Just Destiny
Easy Childs Cat Costumes  - Just Destiny
Easy Childs Cat Costumes  - Just Destiny
Easy Childs Cat Costumes  - Just Destiny_-51
 Haven’t decided what you want to be yet? Take a look at some of Michaels DIY Halloween costume projects on Michaels.com for inspiration.

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  1. Absolutely could not get enough of looking at your little one in her cat costume!! Brilliant! Completely over the moon for this. Sadly, my grandkids are all teens or in their early 20’s. So I will have to wait for great-grandkids to make something like this for one of them! (Luckily, I am young enough that that could happen before I get too old and crusty, LOL!) God bless and please keep doing what you do! We are better off for it!

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