Serena and Lily Coffee table in all white. This is an indoor outdoor table.

I added the prettiest little piece to our owner suite and I can’t wait to show you! I really think it changes then entire room. The Boonville Coffee Table is a great organic piece of decor that adds some character to any room. I love the tree trunk wood look of it painted all white for more lighter interiors.

Thank you Serena and Lily for providing this beautiful table for review!

Boonville Coffee table
Boonville Coffee Table from Serena &  Lily

I also added some wallpaper to the back wall. I wrote a little post about “Pretty wallpaper I would 100% use in my home” a few weeks ago and I included one of my FAVORITE wallpapers that I’ve been dying to put up on the wall. The Valley Wallpaper in a pretty taupe color. 

Serena and Lily Best Products

Remember I even made an apple pie from the pattern?

It’s such a perfect backdrop to the table. I’ll be adding a few more piece from Serena and Lily to the room soon. So be on the look out!  

This table also looks just as good outdoors as it does indoors. I tried it on outdoors next to our built in sofa area as well.

When we built this area right off the master bedroom 4 years ago I always knew it would need a special piece. But now I can’t decide if I should keep it outside or keep it inside! It’s truly a indoor and outdoor table which makes it perfect for traveling.

The table is VERY heavy. It will take two people to move it. It’s also hallow in the middle. This way it’s easier to grab and keeps the weight even lighter. It’s also super easy to clean with just a hose.

All white outdoor table that looks like a tree trunk. This table is from Serena and Lily

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