Did you know I have a guest room? Well I do. Well I should say I’m suppose to. At least that was the plan when I walked through this house 7 years ago all love eyed.♥
I told myself the boys would share a room, our little girl would have her very own room and then we would have a guest room. For all of our guests.
Somewhere down the line, in between all the baby years and preschool years, moving things around, collecting an insane amount of toys and every other item we don’t use, my guest room turned into what my hubby refers to as the hurricane room.
A huge storage room for all of our junk, that I’m going to use tomorrow or someday:0)
Well last week I finally decided to take back my guest room and purge. My poor hallway looked like a landfill. 

To start off fresh, I reused some left over paint to paint the room white. It already had a flat white on it which we all know is just no good. So I semi glossed things up and it turned out great. It was almost and instant change! Crazy what paint can do to a room. If you’re wondering what color it is, it’s just plain white from Glidden :0) 


In the room before we had a bed that my mother let us have, but it was way to big for the space so we gave it back and downgrade to something that looked like it belonged in the room. Not forced.

As you know I’ve been working with BHG this year and giving you all a little look into their line at Walmart. Not matter your LOVE/HATE relationship with them I think we can all appreciate a GOOD DEAL and that’s just what their partnership brings. You saw a few months ago when I scored this beautiful bedding for my little girls room right? Oh and remember the blankets I got for 10 bucks for all the teachers this year for Christmas? 

Well I also searched, surfed and found  this beautiful headboard for the room. It was only $150 bucks! 

Affordable Upholstered Headboard

It’s very similar to my daughters headboard because of the shape, but after going back and forth between blue and gray for almost 4 days ( I’m not even kidding you) I decided on this gorgeous navy blue. You all now how I love my grays, blacks and whites, But I was craving color, so I decided to get a little fancy. But keeping to my own design aesthetic I will be keeping most of the decor pretty neutral. Which actually brings up a question I bet you’re wanting to know…

[su_box title=”Destiny, do you hate color?” style=”soft” box_color=”#febcb1″ radius=”6″]Simply put.No.I love color. I actually have the hardest time picking my favorite color when asked on any survey or questionnaire. But throughout the years of experimenting with home decor, I’ve discovered a little something about myself. My life gets a little crazy sometimes. Things seem to go a million miles an hour some days. So when it comes to my home,I want it to feel as peaceful and quiet as it can be despite how crazy our life gets. Using neutrals gives off such a calming effect. And so it doesn’t feel like a hospital I add a lot of textures and pops of color, especially green, because that’s one of the first colors I see when I look outside. I also love switching things up in my home very often so it’s nice to be able to grab items all of the house and use them in any room ♥[/su_box]

So here’s an example of what I mean. Blue as the pop of color and just about everything else in the room is neutral.

BHG Products from Walmart Furniture

Along with texture from the bedding…which you can also get a Walmart…link below.

BHG Products from Walmart Furniture-12


BHG Products from Walmart Furniture-20

and empty frames. the room still feels cozy.

BHG Products from Walmart Furniture-21

I still need to add drapes to this side of the room. Once that happens it will feel like a warm blanket♥

BHG Products from Walmart Furniture-15

I also need a cabinet or dresser here.

BHG Products from Walmart Furniture-14

I’ll make sure to keep you updated on the progress of the room! 

If you want to find your own BHG product treasures at Walmart then I have a $100 gift card to giveaway to one of my readers! Just let me know in the comments below what you would get from the BHG Walmart Line!

PLUS TWO more ways to enter below! 


$100 BHG Products from Walmart Gift Card


Here are a few of my favorites including some of the bedding I used from BHG! 


This is a sponsored post brought to you by BHG Products from Walmart and the Live Better Network. I’m so happy to be apart of the BHG Live Better Network. All ideas and opinions are my own. Follow BHG on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram  and of course Pinterest.

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  1. The Ashwood Road 5 shelf bookshelf is perfect for our living room. We need something to display pictures and cookbooks on!

  2. Hard choice, we need new everything! But probably towels, for every bathroom, and a new shower curtain.

  3. I would love to win the gift card. My daughter & I were looking walmart’s upholstered headboards for her dorm room this Fall. Seeing your guest room may have just sealed the deal! It’s beautiful!

  4. I am in love with this headboard. I was so happy when I snagged the comforter set you used on Livy’s bed. I literally went out the night you posted it and grabbed two for Chinezes bunk beds!

    Who knew you could score sonic at Walmart! This baby is divine:-) I hope I win!!!

  5. I have a weakness for pillows and love the gorgeous ones you bought. I would definitely use my gift card for some home decor items.

  6. Im so inspired by your little girl’s beautiful room! I’d use the gift card to update my daughter’s room as she transitions from my little princess to my big-ger little princess ;). I love the new ruched bedding…it’s sooo cute and would be great that will grow with her. I love the wicker baskets, frames, and fun pillows!

  7. Oh my goodness, Destiny! I don’t even know where to begin with what I would get from Walmart. You did such an incredible job that if you did not share, I wouldn’t have known some items were from there or at such value! As I was reading your entry, my shelf next to me collapsed and everything is about to fall but it is being held by my tightly squeezed books! lol So I would probably start off with a nice shelf for my books and some fabric storage cubes for miscellaneous items. I don’t have a couch, nor do we have room but I would like some foldable cushioned chairs so I don’t have to sit on my hard chair in the 250 feet apartment of NYC! Lastly, I would like some new bedsheets! Holes are just a big no-no.
    You’re an inspiration – thanks for sharing all your brilliant ideas!

  8. I am literally working on just about every room in our home. I would use the gift card to buy accessories, such as sheets,plants pillows,towels. I love Walmart’s selection of BHG

  9. Love the bedding here- where did you get it? I would use it to continue my master bedroom overhaul- looking for a cute navy accent quilt as we speak!

  10. I also have looked high and low for the blue and white bedding and I cannot find it. Can you help me? Those are the colors of my bedroom.

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