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  1. Oh, my goodness. I swooned over every photo. I love both of your rooms. I love the simple tree and the more decked out one. That built in is fabulous and makes such a statement. I also love the color you chose. So lovely. Thank you for the tour and the inspiration. xx

  2. Destiny,
    I have always loved the four chair seating configuration and I love how that room looks. Your home seems so welcoming and inviting. I could totally borrow a cup of sugar from you. I hope you have the best December with your family and Merry Christmas.

  3. I found your blog through the holiday housewalk. Wow! Everything is beautiful – from the Christmas decor to the built-ins. This olive color is one I wear often and also have in my home (a couch), but find difficult to make look ‘current’, but am drooling over it in your home! Great job!

  4. Hello Destiny,
    Was wondering if you ever thought of designing via email by sending you pictures and dimensions of my room to help me configure furniture placement, curtains etc.? I purchased a home that was built in 1885″ and my living room can handle the 3 couches like you have in your family room. I love your designs.

    Thank you
    Corine mullins

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