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When I married my hubby over 12 years ago I had know idea that I would experience so much culture. You see, my hubby was born on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. You’ve seen us travel there throughout the years and I love finding ways to see his to culture incorporated into our home. 

Our playroom is the perfect place to display some of our families Puerto Rican heritage with a flag! When I heard the new vibrant colorful Americana Premium acrylics were about to hit the market I knew they would be perfect for a art project that I had in mind. 

To make this flag you’ll need the following items:

2 Americana Premium Titanium White

2 American Premium Phthalo Turquoise Blue

2 American Premium Pyrrole Red 

2 White Gesso 

1/2in  Plywood any size

1 inch wood strips 

nail gun

Paint Brushes or foam brushes 

Multi-Surface Painters Tape

Star Stencil or Star Decal sticker ( make with your cutting machine for a custom size) 

Lint Free Cloth 


Start by lightly sanding the surface of the wood to remove any uneven or rough spots. Wipe it down with a lint free cloth.

Next paint the entire surface with DecoArt Americana Gesso. If you’re not familiar with gesso, it’s a smooth, and flexible primer and texture-builder that provides superior, one-coat coverage to most surfaces.

Once the gesso is dried paint the entire board with the white premium paint and let it dry. Then measure about 1/4 into the board and mark the middle. This is where the end of the blue section of the flag will be. Next use the Multi Surface tape and make a triangle with the marked spot in the middle. ( Remember to tape the outside of the triangle) 

Then place the star stencil or star decal in the middle of the the triangle. I found the decal to be easier because I could pull it up just like a sticker once I sealed the paint! 

After that use a white acrylic paint to seal all these sides of the paint and also around the star.

Let the white paint dry and then apply the blue to the entire triangle. Use multiple coats to make the blue darker. 

Let the blue paint dry and then remove the tape and the star! 

Next use the multi-purpose tape and around the inside of the triangle and tape it off.

To make the stripes, measure the length of the board. Then divide that number evenly (or close to) My stripes were about 12.5 inches wide. Tape off the each section that will be red! Take your time with this part. Remember that you are painting the INSIDE of the stripe so your tape needs to reflect that process.

 After that, seal the tape with white acrylic paint. I love to seal the tape because it provides some crisp lines! 

Then paint each section red. Let it dry and remove the tape! 

After you  remove the tape, let it dry overnight and apply the correct amount of 1 inch wood strips to the sides using a nail gun to make a piece of hanging wood art! 

Looking to make your own flag to show off your heritage? Head to your local craft store to check out huge selection of American Premium Paints and choose some for your next project! 


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