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      1. Hi! I have been searching for this tape: Target… No success. Do you happen to have a brand name, or link to purchase this? It such a GREAT idea! Thanks.

        1. Hi Michele! I got it from the kids art section. I forget the name of the brand. But its a super hip art brand for kids! Hope that helps!
          I cant find it online:0/

        2. Hi Michele!

          I just found them today at my local target. It was the last one (yay). I can’t wait until they restock. The brand is made by Target and is called Kid Made Modern and the sku is 9081040812. Hope this helps….

  1. So cool even your lipstick matches the colors lol! Love what you can do with Sharpies, lots of creativeness comes from awesome pens.

  2. I’m so excited to have a pretty planner inside as well as out. I usually have a pretty cover and pages but mostly write in pencil. I’m excited to incorporate the paper tape and colored pens/sharpies into my system.

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