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  1. I also number my boxes. I then keep a key in my home office and next to the ladder that leads to my Christmas storage. Every November I look at the key and decide which boxes to use. This year I used all of it as I had friends visiting from London and I wanted them to experience a very festive American Christmas. Organization is the key. Love yours

  2. This is all in your garage, right? And nothing melts in the Arizona heat? I am afraid to put anything important in my garage for fear the summer heat will melt it all!

    1. Haaa! This is the best question ever! I love it because I know you really mean it! But NO, you don’t have to worry about anything melting! Everything is good in the garage! The only thing I would caution on is candles, for obvious reasons. But everything else should be ok. I’ve lived here my entire life and have never had any issues! Good Luck Crystal and thanks for stopping by!

  3. The Arizona heat is what brought me to your blog! I will be moving there next year and worry about all my precious holiday decorations – if the hot garage will cause the glue to melt on garland, wreaths, etc. And of course the electrical cords for lights and ceramic Christmas towns. I know a lot of people have refrigerators and freezers in their garages and read that the heat can be hard on them. Also, I know this is off topic, but since you’ve lived there all your life can you store bulk “Costco” purchases safely? Besides critters proection, I love all your container suggestions which look so organized. Very nice!

    1. Hello! So great question. But you really dont have anything to worry about! We live in a newer home and our garage has insulation. So it keeps things nice and cool. If you move to an older home you MIGHT run into an issue just depending on where the garage is and if it gets sun all day or not. But even then everything should be ok. We store water and other things in the garage all the time! Hope that helps!

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