Today I have another fun tutorial for you! During my favorite things party this year I had my girls take home a few crafts! DIY trees, banners and they had a head start on gift wrapping with these cute stamped tags. 


I was really excited to bust out my MINT machine again after my last project. I LOVE this little machine because it’s just so easy. Follow along below to see how I made some fun stamps and how you can do the same!

Mint Stamp Machine Ideas


Open up your Mint Studio

Select the 60×30 stamp size to work with.

Mint Machine Stamps

Then choose a design from the Silhouette Studio or design your own! I made a few different ones using a deer, a north pole stamp from the studio and a custom sign that says ” no peeking”

Arrange it on the screen and then send it to your MINT!

Mint Machine Stamps-3 Mint Machine Stamps-4 Mint Machine Stamps-12 

Mint Machine Stamps-6

Then fold the card on the dotted line and remove the stamp from the cardboard and place it on the block.

Mint Machine Stamps-7

Next give the stamp some ink! You can do one color.

Or you can do multiple colors like this one! Just make sure you try not to mix them :0)  

Mint Machine Stamps-8

Allow the stamp to dry for about 15 minutes and give it a few test stamps before you use it on your project. 



What a great gift this will be to your fellow stamp or crafting buddy or a for you to make some custom stamps yourself! You can get these beauties at your local Michaels stores!!! Or on Amazon! 


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