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It’s MINT WEEK and I’m celebrating today by showing you my FIRST Mint by Silhouette stamp project of the season. As you know I love working with companies that make crafting easy and Silhouette America is one of those companies! This year they reviled some amazing new products and TWO new machines. One of them being the Curio and the other being this super stamp machine …MINT

What I love most about the MINT is that it’s not intimidating. It’s one of those machines you can’t mess up. Pick or create a design and print it! Then stamp away! Today I have a super simple gift stamp you can use to make DIY Thanksgiving favors this holiday season! 


What you will need:

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Herb Salt Stamp

Once you’ve made the Herb Salt fill up the test tubes using a funnel. Secure with the cork tops!

To make your herb salt stamp you can download MY stamp to your Silhouette Mint Studio for free! 

Open up the MINT studio and download the file to your computer and then import it to the studio.

Mint Studio Stamp

Mint Studio Stamp 60x15

Select your stamp size. The stamp size I used in this project was 60×15

Then send it to the Mint machine to be printed. 

[tooltip text=”TooltipText”] Make sure you click send to Mint BEFORE you insert the stamp into the machine! It will not work correctly if you don’t.[/tooltip]

Gameday Wife Arizona Cardinal Week 2-3

To make your stamp, fold back to the flap and remove the stamp from the cardboard.Gameday Wife Arizona Cardinal Week 2-4

Remove the brown film on the stamp block.Gameday Wife Arizona Cardinal Week 2-5 Then place the stamp onto the stamp block. Mint Silhouette Machine ProjectNext, use your color of choice and fill the stamp with ink. Take your time to make sure you cover each spot as desired. Wait until the stamp has absorbed the ink before you begin stamping. This should happen about 10-15 minutes. 
Gameday Wife Arizona Cardinal Week 2-8

Give it a few test stamps on a scrap sheet of paper and then go #stampallthethings.

For this project I printed out custom labels that coordinate with the stamp. You can download it hereThanksgiving Favors-6

 After that place the label onto your test tubes and finish it off with a small piece of ribbon!Thanksgiving Favors-13 Thanksgiving Favors-12 Thanksgiving Favors-4

 LOVE! I’m so excited about this machine and I can’t wait to show you even more projects to make this year! Put this little machine on your Christmas Wishlist ladies!! It’s going to be a hot item! 



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  1. This is a great article and I am wondering if you’d be interested in my services for editing before publication to correct grammar and spelling errors. I am asking several bloggers every week. Have fun with that Mint!! It makes me want one even though I’m not a stamp crafter. 🙂

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