I love a good iced tea. When you live in a warm weather climate like Phoenix,  you’re always searching for your next cold drink. For this drink will want to brew your tea overnight,  but after that feel free to mix this up in your favorite tumbler and sip on this apple cider iced tea throughout the day. This is refreshing all year around and will satisfy those apple cravings late summer and early fall!

This is a great drink to serve to your girlfriends for a late summer/fall brunch or during a bunco or favorite things party! I love using these glasses to serve them in. They are our everyday glassware and never disappoint. They are nice and sturdy and keep our drinks nice and cold. 

How to Make Apple Cider Iced Tea

Read the full recipe below to make sure you have all your ingredients! 

  1. First, fill up a ice tea maker or this cold brew maker by Primula. It’s my favorite for making iced coffee but it also works the same for ice tea! Just throw your favorite brew ( Lipton) and let it brew overnight. 
  2. In a separate pitcher pour in 4 cups of apple cider and add the tea ( should be about 4 1/2 cups) 
  3. Add caramel topping and stir until mixed. 
  4. Pour over ice with fresh sliced apples and enjoy

Cold Brew Coffee Maker How to make apple cider iced tea Apple Cider Iced Tea

So there you have it. An apple cider ice tea just for you. Feel free to get all crazy add cinnamon and fresh apple slices to your cup. It just adds to the taste! If you don’t think the tea is sweet enough, add more apple cider as you please.


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