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Thanksgiving is coming up but so many of you celebrate the tradition of celebrating a few days before or a few days after with friends. Friendsgiving is nothing new, but more and more of us are taking the time to celebrate the holidays with our friends. In our house we have friendsgiving the day after Thanksgiving. We wear our fat pants, sweats, have dance parties, karaoke and eat extra dessert. It’s a relaxed dinner with no expectations of fancy dishes or getting things just right, but that doesn’t mean yours needs to be that way!

The best thing about Friendsgiving is that there are NO RULES just some guidelines to help you get started.

Friendsgiving Party

What is Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is a blend of “friends” and “Thanksgiving,” embodying a Thanksgiving feast shared among friends. It typically occurs around the same time as Thanksgiving, offering an alternative for those who can’t be with family or simply wish to celebrate with their chosen family. As The Atlantic eloquently puts it, Friendsgiving is a “testament to the familial bonds that people forge independently of their bloodlines”. This celebration screams the importance of friendships in our lives, providing a space to express gratitude for those who stand by us.

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How to Host a Friendsgiving: From Simple to Super Fancy

Timing is Everything

While Thanksgiving has a fixed date, Friendsgiving is flexible! Consider hosting it the weekend before Thanksgiving to avoid conflicts with family plans or the weekend after to continue the festive spirit. The key is to choose a date that works best for you and your friends. We have Friendsgiving every year the day after Thanksgiving and it’s the BEST!

Invitations: Set the Tone

Your invitations should set the vibe you’re aiming for. For a low-key get together, a group text or an e-invite works perfectly. If you’re leaning towards a more formal gathering, consider sending out personalized invitations. Make sure to include any details about the theme, dress code, and whether it’s a potluck. I LOVE Minted for my invites!

Setting the Scene: Cozy and Chic

Ambiance always plays a crucial role. For a simple setup, use what you have, adding candles and fall decorations for a warm atmosphere. If you’re going for glamour, think about a themed decor, elegant table settings, and mood lighting.

Friendsgiving Tablesetting Ideas
Friendsgiving Table
Denby Canvas Plates

The Feast: Potluck Perfection and Menu Magic

A potluck approach not only eases the host’s burden but also adds variety to the meal. Encourage your guests to bring their favorite dishes. If you prefer to curate the menu, consider dietary preferences and include both traditional and innovative dishes.

Sample Menu:

Here’s a few ideas to get you started when planning your menu! 

– **Starter:** Autumn Salad with Mandarine Oranges and Pomegranate Vinaigrette
– **Main Course:** Herb-Buttered Turkey (or a Plant-Based Alternative)
– **Sides:** Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry-Orange Sauce, Green Bean Almondine
– **Dessert:** Pumpkin Pie and Apple Cider Donuts

Mixed Salad for Friendsgiving
Friendsgiving with great friends and food.
Pumpkin Pie Dessert Table
Friendsgiving Soup

Why Host a Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is an opportunity to celebrate friendships and create lasting memories. It’s a way to gather with those who may not have family nearby or who want to acknowledge the significant role friends play in their lives. It’s about giving thanks for the love, support, and joy our friends bring into our lives. So let your home be hub for all the love and hugs this season!


The Extra Touch: Gratitude and Games

Begin with a toast or a moment of gratitude, sharing what you appreciate about each other. Then, dive into fun with board games, a movie marathon, or a DIY craft station to keep the vibe lively and engaging.

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Toast on Friendsgiving

This DIY Spice Station is something I thought would be great for guests to take home! You make your own apple pie spice just for your own recipe!!

Friendsgiving Gifts for Friends
Make your own Apple Pie Spice
Friendsgiving Apple Pie Favors

Friendsgiving is more than a meal, it’s a celebration of the family WE CHOOSE for ourselves. Whether you opt for a simple gathering or an elaborate feast, the essence of Friendsgiving is in the warmth and love shared among friends. So, this year, why not create a new tradition with those closest to your heart? Happy Friendsgiving!

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