Today I’m sharing a super simple craft from one of my very favorite craft brands to help Michael’s stores celebrate their BRAND SALE starting this Sunday! 

Martha Stewart just speaks to me when it comes to crafting. I always get all lovey eyed whenever I come across her displays in the stores. I’m never afraid to pick up a few of her stickers, punches and other things when it comes to stocking my craft room. 

Martha Stewart Glitter Just Destiny Mag-2 Martha Stewart Glitter Just Destiny Mag-4

I was excited to get to try out her glitter and glues for this particular craft. The kids have been doing a lot of reading this summer and have been asking for some bookmarks. Especially for my boys who are in chapter books. I thought these would be a fun way to keep track of those pages! 

Martha Stewart Craft Ideas Just Destiny Mag-4

What you’ll need:

  • Martha Stewart Punches
  • Martha Stewart Glitters
  • Martha Stewart Glitter Glue
  • Colored Cardstock
  • Hot Glue
  • Large Paperclips
  • Twine

First punch out any shape you would like on cardstock. I chose to use the same color cardstock as the glitter because I though it would allow more coverage when I glittered. 

Martha Stewart Craft Ideas Just Destiny Mag-8 Martha Stewart Craft Ideas Just Destiny Mag-10

Next, take the Martha Stewart Glitter glue and apply it to the shapes using a foam brush. I did try it with some other glues just to see if the glitter glue was worth the buy and let me tell you it WAS. The glitter just adhered to the glue so much better. Plus after it dried I didn’t lose a whole bunch of glitter! Which is a big deal when doing projects like this. ( the glitter glue comes in the small tubes pictured below) 

Martha Stewart Glitter Just Destiny Mag-3Martha Stewart Craft Ideas Just Destiny Mag-11

After you have applied the glue cover the cut out shape with the glitter. Leave it on for a few minutes and then remove the glitter.

For the final steps, adhere the paper clip on the back of the shape using the hot glue gun. Allow to dry and attach a piece of twine to the balloon cutout if you used it! 

Martha Stewart Craft Ideas Just Destiny Mag-13 Martha Stewart Craft Ideas Just Destiny Mag-3 - Copy

Martha Stewart Craft Ideas Just Destiny Mag-16

o   It was so fun helping Michaels celebrate their Big Brand Sale, which launches next week, and getting to create a project using product from a brand that I love!

o   Martha Stewart Crafts has a variety of craft products including craft paint, décor paint and more – available in store and on

o   Martha Stewart Crafts product is on sale for the next 2 weeks starting THIS SUNDAY!! Just check out the Big Brand Sale landing page for more details.

Thanks friends! Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Hi Destiny! This is such a great idea. I love how cute these paper clips look. I am going to try this! I am always looking for cute/girlie ideas to transform from the mundane way of using things.

    By the way I love your IG and blog! I receive way too many ideas from your page. I can’t wait to see what you may have in store for Fall/Winter.

    Enjoy the remaining of your summer! School is around the corner! 🙂


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