There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of summer. The food, the parties, the pool and beaches, long nights and a LOT of relaxing. I think summer colors even make us excited to get outdoors and enjoy the weather.Summertime is one of the best times of the year. 

This guide with give you tips, things to think about and some great resources so that you can plan the best party on the block!  

How to Throw a Block Party Guide with Just Destiny Mag

Throwing a block party is a fantastic way to foster community spirit, meet your neighbors, and have fun. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying the warmer months, a block party can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary communal experience. Here’s how to organize a memorable block party step by step.

How to Plan and Throw A Successful Block Party!

How to Throw a Block Party Guide by Just Destiny Mag

Step 1: Plan Ahead

Timing: Choose a date and time that works for most of your neighbors. Weekends or national holidays are usually best.

Permits: Check with your local municipality about necessary permits, road closures, or regulations. Permits are almost always required for block parties like this. Most of time your city or homeowners association have some great resources for you to use, like tables, chairs and block off signs.

Budget: Consider setting a budget for decorations, food, and activities. You can also ask neighbors to contribute either financially or with resources like tables, chairs, or games.But to attract neighbors keep costs pretty low and try to get some local sponsors.

Step 2: Organize a Planning Committee

Before you begin it’s a good idea to recruit the neighbors that you DO know to help you. There’s just no way you can pull this off by yourself. Get a committee together and assign each person a job such as getting the permit if needed, invitations, games, food sign up sheet, etc. I love using Sign Up Genius for tasks like this! You can just add the link to any flyers of invitations that you send out! 

Step 3: Spread the Word

Invitations: Give out invitations! You can use paper flyers, social media groups, or community apps. Make sure to include the date, time, location, and any items guests should bring.

RSVPs: Encourage RSVPs to get an estimate of how many people will attend for better planning.

Step 4: Arrange Food and Drinks

Potluck Style: Encourage each household to bring a dish to share. This not only eases the budget but also adds variety to the menu.

Local Vendors: Consider hiring food trucks or asking local businesses to sponsor or provide food and drinks.

Safety: Remember to have options for those with dietary restrictions and label food that contains potential allergens.

Step 5: Plan Activities and Entertainment

For Kids: Organize games like sack races, face painting, or a bounce house.

For Adults: Consider a live band, DJ, or community talent show. Trivia games or a neighborhood history quiz can also be fun.

Community Project: A block party is a great opportunity to come together for a common cause, like a communal garden or a neighborhood cleanup.

Step 6: Decorations and Setup

Theme: Choosing a theme can make decorating easier and more fun. It can be as simple as a color scheme or as elaborate as a luau or carnival.

Seating and Tables: Ensure there are enough seating and tables for everyone. Borrow from neighbors or rent if necessary.

Safety and Comfort: Set up first aid kits, sunscreen, and bug repellent stations. Consider renting portable restrooms if your party is large.

Step 7: Day-of Coordination

Setup Early: Start setting up several hours before the party begins. Assign tasks to volunteers for efficiency.

Welcome Area: Have a check-in or welcome area where guests can get information, name tags, and schedules of events.

Clean-up Plan: Organize a clean-up crew for after the party. Make sure to have plenty of trash and recycling bins available during the event.

Step 8: Document the Event

Photos and Videos: Encourage guests to take photos and share them on a communal platform or social media group. You might also consider hiring a photographer.

Feedback: After the party, gather feedback on what worked well and what could be improved for next time.

Extra Tips to Make Your Block Party Special:

  • Local Talent: Showcase local artists, musicians, or speakers who can entertain or educate your community.
  • Memory Lane: Create a photo display or slideshow of past block parties or neighborhood history.
  • Sustainability: Encourage eco-friendly practices by minimizing disposable items and organizing recycling and composting stations.
  • Since you might be meeting some new neighbors during this event you will want to provide name tags for all the attendees to wear. This way names and faces can be matched without having to asked all day. Add fun extra like ” Originally from” to the tags to spark conversation. These chevron name tags are perfect and affordable! 

Block Party Food

One of the easiest set ups for a block party is a potluck! Have each family sign up to bring main dishes, desserts, sides, etc so you have enough of each. You can do this on Sign Up Genius as well! 

Throwing a block party is a fantastic way to bring the community together, celebrate togetherness, and enjoy good company and great food. Food, being the universal language of love and community, plays a crucial role in the success of any block party. Here are some tips and ideas to ensure your block party food is a hit with all your neighbors.

Plan Your Menu

1. Keep It Simple and Varied

Opt for dishes that are easy to prepare in large quantities and can cater to a variety of tastes and dietary restrictions. Think of items that both kids and adults would enjoy. A mix of vegetarian, vegan, and meat options ensures everyone has something to munch on.

2. Classic Cookout Fare

You can never go wrong with burgers, hot dogs, and grilled chicken. They are not only crowd-pleasers but also relatively easy to cook in bulk. Set up a DIY burger station with various toppings and condiments to let guests customize their burgers.

3. International Street Foods

Adding international street foods like tacos, falafel, or even pizza slices can offer a delightful variety to your block party menu. These foods are generally loved, easy to eat while mingling, and offer a taste of different cultures.

4. Finger Foods and Appetizers

Finger foods are perfect for block parties as they allow guests to nibble on the go. Think chips and dips, cheese platters, vegetable trays with hummus, mini sandwiches, or spring rolls. These can be prepared ahead of time and are easy to replenish.

5. Sweet Treats

No party is complete without dessert. Offer a range of sweet treats like cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. For a summer block party, consider setting up an ice cream or shaved ice station where guests can cool down with a refreshing treat.

6. Beverages

Keep a variety of drinks available, including water, sodas, lemonade, and iced tea. For adult guests, you might consider a beer cooler or a signature cocktail. Remember to have plenty of ice to keep drinks cool.

Food Preparation Tips

1. Collaborate with Neighbors

A block party is a community effort. Encourage each household to bring a dish to share. This not only eases the burden on a single host but also adds to the variety of the menu.

2. Consider Food Safety

Ensure that food is prepared, stored, and served safely, especially when dealing with perishable items. Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Use chafing dishes for warm dishes and ice trays for salads and cold desserts.

3. Label Foods

With dietary restrictions and allergies being common, it’s helpful to label dishes accordingly. This simple step can make everyone feel included and safe when choosing what to eat.


1. Set Up Stations

Depending on the variety of food you plan to serve, consider setting up different stations for appetizers, main courses, desserts, and beverages. This helps avoid bottlenecks and allows guests to move freely.

2. Rent or Borrow Equipment

For large gatherings, you may need additional grills, tables, coolers, and serving utensils. Check if you can rent these items or ask neighbors to bring what they have.

3. Eco-friendly Options

Consider the environment by opting for biodegradable or reusable plates, cups, and utensils. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also sets a positive example for the community.

4. Plan for Clean-up

Have a clean-up plan in place. Assign roles or ask volunteers to help with different tasks. Provide plenty of trash and recycling bins throughout the party area.

Portable Grills from World Market

Block Party Decor with Free Printables

Popsicle and Popcorn Bar

Having different stations when it comes too food is a great idea and a way to spread the party out and keep things fun! Neighbors can hop from station to station to meet different families and have a great experience trying delicious foods. Again you can have one family in charge of one station or set up a rotation between neighbors. 

For the popsicle bar you’re going to want to have a freezer/cooler near by, but with wonderful recipes like these from Baked by Joanna, they will go QUICK! 

Popcorn is one of the easiest snacks to have at a party like this. So why not have some one show of their culinary skills and make a few different types of popcorn. Again my friend Baked by Joanna really out did here self with four different popcorn recipes. My favorite? The zebra popcorn!!! Oh my gooooooodness! 

How to Throw a Block Party Food Ideas
Simple DIY Popcorn Bar with Recipes

Beverages Station

Set up an area on the street were your neighbors can either help themselves to a custom made drink or water and soda. Kim from A Night Owl has a few beverages that both kids and adults will love! 

Beverage bar Ideas for your next block party

How to Throw a Block Party_-117

 You can download the beverage, popcorn and Popsicle signs below! Just click on the image, right click and save the image! 

Download FREE Block Party PRINTABLES!

Whoever’s in charge of decor can go big or they can make things pretty simple. Either way, don’t skip this step! Something as simple as balloons and a banner make things inviting and festive which draws your guests in a make them want to be a part of the party! 

Hang a Banner

Start the party off  right with  a big sign hung on a fence or at the beginning of the block in a neighbor’s yard. This bright pick ” Party on the Block” really gets everyone’s attention and the best thing is that you can print off this sign at your local WALGREENS and get it within ONE hour! Yep! I gave out this secret last year with my Christmas banners, so I applied the same idea to this one.

Download the free sign here and follow the instructions on how to here! 

Block Party Banner BIGGEST

How to Throw a Block Party_-166

You can use a collection of umbrellas and rolling carts or tables to set up food stations that are shaded and protect the food from the heat. 


How to Throw a Block Party_-89

Block Party Set up and Seating

When it comes to where your guests are going to sit, get creative. Invite guest to bring there own blankets and even chairs to make there own eating areas! Bring your own food in picnic baskets and cute jars and containers for transporting food.

How to Throw a Block Party_-84

How to Throw a Block Party

If you want something more formal collect folded tables like these from World Market. They can be brought down to the party by car or carried down the street with some help! Either way make things easy for everyone. Bring out chairs, pillows and anything else that would make great seating for the event.

How to Throw a Fun Block Party_-18

 You can also use lanterns and string lights for extra lighting when it gets dark. 

How to Throw a Block Party_-169

 For added color use these colorful paper lanterns around the yard! I love them because they are reusable and can be used for multiple parties throughout the year! 

Block Party Games and Activities

Summer Block Party Games Learn how to make this Giant Jenga Game
How to Throw a Fun Block Party_-77

Make sure you have plenty of activities planned during the party to keep thing moving. Think of games that both adults and children can play and maybe even set up some friendly family competitions like horseshoes, flag football, tug o war or paddle-ball. Great activities for the kids might include a slip and slide, chalk for a drawing contest and maybe kickball or bottle bowling. 

How to Throw a Block Party_-32

Last tip is to make sure to HAVE FUN! Keep things light and encourage your neighbors to mingle and get to know one another! Don’t stress out to much about the small things!

For more ideas and tips on How to Throw a Block Party visit my friends…

Block Party Menu: Baked By Joanna
Block Party Beverages: A Night Owl Blog

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