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  1. Morning! I’ve been following your new home process as well, it’s all so beautiful. I noticed that you appear to have Jenn Air appliances, Can I ask if those were an upgrade through your builder? Or a personal choice? And how have you been enjoying them so far?

    Thanks! RMG

    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for following along! We got the appliances through our builder and we…LOVE them! LOVE Them I say. It was a choice between Kitchen Aid and Jenn Air and we have heard so many great thing about the Jenn Air Professional line that we decided to go with them! I love all the technology that they put into their appliances and they work amazing. I feel like a professional chef most day…haha! Hope that helps!

      1. DEFINITELY helps! Thanks so much! I am obsessed with the professional line especially the obsidian interiors of the new refrigerators. I just hadn’t met anyone who had purchased and been using them long enough to give me any feedback. Thanks again!

  2. Your house is beautiful! I noticed your lovely sliding door that leads to your backyard on Instagram. Could you share more? I am interested in doing something similar. What is the brand, dimension, etc? Thank you!

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