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  1. We just built a home last year here in Michigan and 2 things that were a must were a fireplace and a nice sized tub in the master bathroom. Neither one was included in the base price.

    1. Love that Tiffany! I wish we would’ve added a fireplace too!!!! Oh and the tub size. I think we got the biggest we could, but I’m such a bath girl I wouldn’t mind something even bigger!

  2. I built a home a year ago, and I added a door from the laundry room into the master closet. Love it. Also added 42″ kitchen cabinets, crown molding, extra outlets, and wainscoting in hallways…

  3. Such a great detailed post that will be easy to reference later on. Can we please have a moment of silence for the central vacuum…. I am still so sad about it lol. I cannot wait to see you work your magic on this beauty. Love the style of this home, I will def keep them in mine when I build in the future. Thanks Destiny!!!!

    1. Reggie brought up that central vacuum too! Uhhhhhhh! I was like don’t you dare, don’t you dare! haha! Thanks for keeping a bookmark on this post friend!

  4. Love Love Love your detailed post and questions to consider. I hope to build a home in the near future so I am certainly book marking this. And I must have been living under a rock because this is the first time I’ve heard of “central vacuum”. I had to look it up! I am neat freak and constantly cleaning so finding this out now just changed my life lol. Thanks and all the blessings to you and your family 🙂

    1. Hi Anika! Thank you so much for bookmarking it! Central vac! It that not the neatest thing ever? I’m thinking it’s just gonna be a would’ve couldv’e should’ve idea! hahaha! If you ever do get it, I will be happy to come use it! haha!

  5. First off, let me say that I am so glad I e-found you! I’ve been gathering ideas for out new home, and you provide great inspiration.

    We close on our home Friday (woo hoo), so I anticipate this upgrade becoming an “I can’t live without” item. We added a couple USB outlets in the living areas. No more searching for a charging box thingy!

  6. Tell me more about the outside of the house. What color did you choose to paint it? I notice you have one set of shutters what color is that? Your house has a great flow, how many rooms? Great ideas for upgrades. Glad I’m reading about this now so I know what to expect later in purchasing property or building.

  7. Your post was so informative thank you so much! We are hopefully going to be moving in to an AV home soon! Now that your family has lived in the home awhile, do you have any thoughts or advice at the process?

  8. Destiny,
    Thank you for sharing. I’m currently looking at new construction homes in the Phoenix area. It’s overwhelming! Your insight and information has been a blessing
    to me. Thanks for the information on upgrading and budget control.

  9. Thank you so much for this post. I am having a townhouse built in Maryland (right outside Washington DC) and go to the design center tomorrow. Your blog has helped me so much because I had no idea what to expect at all. Now I am super excited. So happy I found your site.

    1. So happy to hear that! It can be so overwhelming so I’m happy that you are getting all the nerves out! I hope it goes great and you find some great options as you are building your dream home!!

  10. I know this post is pretty old, so you may have already solved this, but if you’re still wishing for a home intercom, Amazon Alexa things can function that way and they are not expensive! We have Echos in multiple rooms and use them this way!

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