It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Oh and my favorite challenge of the year! Michaels Dream Tree Challenge!! Each year a select number of Michaels Makers is ask to create a Christmas tree of their dreams. Each one of us, with our own styles, own personalities and own ideas, creates a tree that we love! Last year I went crazy with buffalo check anchored with a cozy cottage feel and the year before I kept it classy with black and white.

This year’s tree is a combination of both. Classy and cozy. So very Christmas. 

Just Destiny Mag Classic Christmas

The willow Christmas tree we received is 9ft tall and features real looking pine tips. Oh and before I forget , this tree is SO easy to put together. Just connect the top to the bottom and boom! Christmas tree is lit! I always had the hardest time with all the different plugs! haha!

This year I  loved the red and a classic tartan plaid. It’s a classic Christmas pattern that never gets old. I took a long break from red, but this year I brought it back and I’m loving it! 

Plaid Wrapping Paper for Christmas from Michaels Dollar Section

On the bottom I used the galvanized tree collar that’s available at Michael’s right now! 

Christmas Tree Collars

Just like last year I start with adding flocked picks to the tree. I love this trick because if you have an older tree you can make it look new by just adding some fun bushes like lambs ear…

Lambs Ear Foliage for Christmas Trees

flocked picks

The Best Christmas Tree Ideas

and berries.

How to Flock your Christmas Tree

I also love using items other than ornaments to decorate the tree. I used bells, lanterns and flags!

Christmas Tree Ribbon Ideas Christmas Tree Lanterns 

Christmas Tree Bells

Christmas Tree Lanterns

But of course I stilled used traditional ornaments too!

Just Destiny Mag Christmas Tree Collections

The christmas tree is topped with a fun marquee star and santa letter marquee at the bottom.

Christmas Tree TOpper Ideas

SANTA Christmas Marquee

Take a closer look! 

Fun Christmas Tree Ideas Christmas Chalkboard Ideas michaels-christmas-tree-ideas_-16 michaels-christmas-tree-ideas_-18


Just Destiny Mag Dream Tree

Here are the items you can pick up at your local Michaels

Lambs Ear Picks and Bushes 

Red Swivel Chalkboard

White Fur Stockings

Jingle Bells Group of Three

Jingle Bell Pairs (on tree) 

Plaid Wrapping Paper 

Garland on Mantel

Santa Marquee

Star Marquee

Galvanized Tree Collar

Berry Picks

Flocked Pine Picks



Michaels has their largest tree assortment this year, including colored and flocked trees. Check out all of their trees, ornaments and coordinating holiday décor on Michaels.com

Inspired to start decorating your own tree? Make sure you visit Michaels’ blog, The Glue String, to see the rest of the Michaels Makers’ dream holiday trees that were created this year.



Check out all of my dream trees here and here!

Dream Tree Challenge Just Destiny 2015-14

Dream Tree Challenge
Dream Tree Challenge

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  1. Could you please source the Merry Christmas banners in the tree? Loved it all but those really caught my eye!

  2. I went by my local Michaels and didn’t see the plaid wrapping paper or the Merry Christmas banner/ribbon. I also don’t see it online 🙁 Do you know where I could find some?

    1. Hi Kati! The wrapping paper will be in the dollar section of the store. The banners are actually flags and will be in the decor section of the store! It should be in the rustic collection!

    1. It was about 40 dollars at 50% off. Using the extra 25% off made it even cheaper. You should see them in the front of the store. Not sure if its online though!

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