It’s Amazon Prime Day. 

I’m not excited and you probably aren’t either. ha! Ok maybe it’s not that bad! But it’s seems to be like just another day for us to BUY stuff. Probably a whole bunch of stuff you don’t need. I admit, I’m not a fan of shopping days. Black Friday, Prime Day, Singles Day? What? haha! I usually tried to avoid them. I almost stay away from them if I can only because I feel like it’s just a big trick! 

But I’ve learned over the years how to shop these sales and not go crazy!! Even though I don’t necessarily love these shopping days, I do LOVE a good deal and I know you guys do too! But only if it’s a good deal. I’m basically that friend who goes shopping with you and says ” I don’t think you really need that” Or ” Oh, that’s a great deal!!! Should you get it?” 

So here are my favorite shopping day tips you can use for the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale ( which starts July 19th) , Prime Day and even Black Friday. 

What is Amazon Prime Day anyway?

Like I said before it’s a global shopping day hosted by Amazon. On this day you will be able to shop heavily discounted products like insta-pots, vacuums and other small appliances. Also the latest toys, Alexa-enabled electronics and more. This year Prime Day will be on July 15th and 16th.

All you need is a prime membership which we’ve actually have had since we were married and it’s worth every penny! If you don’t already have a prime membership you can sign up for a 30-day free trial and use it during the sale. 

Also remember you can share your Prime Membership! Obviously I share an account with my hubby. But if you don’t share with anyone, add your mom, or dad, or brother or sister in your household! You can add up to one adult to your account and share all the same benefits. If you want your kids to have access to your benefits you can add them with parental control. 

So how do I shop Amazon Prime Day and not go crazy? Have a plan.

NEVER ever ever go open up a browser or a link without a plan! Ask yourself these questions first!

Do I need to shop?

Don’t let FOMO ( fear of missing out) get to you. If you don’t need anything, be honest with yourself and be ok with NOT shopping! If you find that your only shopping because EVERYONE else seems to be ( which is not true) then your really shopping for all the wrong reasons. Shopping just like anything else can become addicting and start to really harm that beautiful life you are trying to build. So right now is the perfect time to practice some self control. 

Can I afford to shop?

This one is also a hard question to ask, but an easy question to answer. Yes or no. Can I afford to shop right now? If not then simply find something else to do! And mark you calendar for another shopping date for good deals. Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale is coming up and you might be better off waiting for that! Save up an allowed amount or budget for your shopping day and try to stay within that budget. If it’s a bigger purchase like a sofa, appliance or anything over $300 make sure you are prepared.

What am I looking for?

I admit some days I do browse just to browse and occasionally I will make a purchase. But days like these its best to have a plan. For example. Prime Day is a great day to get a head of Christmas shopping for your kids, maybe your hubby needs a new wallet, you need a new external hard drive for all your photos, or maybe your finally ready to hook your mom or best friend up with that beautiful mixer

Maybe you plan on having a favorite things party this fall and you want to stock up on your favorite makeup brushes, that one small appliance you can’t live without, or a favorite decor item to gift! . This is a great day to see what deals you can find so you can save money. 

Check out my favorite things GIFT IDEAS if you plan on having your own party. 

No matter what you need have a plan and write that plan down. I also like to really get to know the “real” price of any items I’m waiting to go on sale. Because I’ve found that some “deals” aren’t actual deals at all. For example 20 days before the sale you might something retailed at $39.99 and discounted to $29.99. On Prime Day that same item might be retailed at $59.99 and discounted $26.99. So basically sometimes you might see a price changed to make it look like the discount is higher, just to make it look like you’re getting a deal. You do end up getting a few dollars off but not that HUGE discount you might think. Does that make sense? So just make sure that that item you want is really a deal otherwise, you can shop it some other time!

Here are some items that are in my cart RIGHT NOW!

The new echo is actually a really good deal. I wanted to get it for the boys room so I can tell Alexa to wake them up in the morning. haha! Plus it can play music, be an alarm clock, the boys can use it as a phone, and order approved merchandise from it. I can also use it like a intercom system since our house is pretty big.

My brother in law sent me a link to this portable charger he brought with him on our trip to Puerto Rico. The other day it was around $95 but today it’s only $76. I think that’s a pretty good deal! He charged like 6 phones during our trip and still was at a 91%! Charge!


If you want to get ahead of Christmas shopping I have a list that I made with some great ideas and great deals! Does it match anything on your list? If not just search for your item on Amazon Prime Deals !


Looking for Birthday gifts for the rest of the year? This one is perfect for tween boys! 

This one is great for girls!


Back to School is right around the corner so here are some deals that might be worth it! Think dorm room, school supplies and accessories!

Amazon Back to School Shop 75% off or more

Backpacks and Lunchboxes

Other Amazon Prime Deals

Amazon Basics– 30% off this is the Amazon line that sells office supplies, home items and any other everyday essential. 

Presto 30% off I love this line! I get their toilet paper by just asking our Alexa the next day. It’s identical to brands like Charmin for a much better price! 


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