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  1. Hi! Your kitchen is beautiful!

    Did you have to repaint the entire cabinet for the drawers you had to redo the holes on ? Or did you spot paint ??

  2. Beautifully done! Love the back splash as well! Can I ask where you got that? We’re in the process of getting our kitchen made over! Thx!

  3. I love your back splash as I want a taupe type subway tile but not a glass tile. Your back splash doesn’t look like glass. It’s shaded and gorgeous and compliments the cabinetry beautifully!!

  4. Can you please share details about your backsplash? Is it from Home Depot? Can you please share color name and any details to help me find it? Your kitchen is beautiful!

  5. What colour grout did you use for the backsplash, is the Tile london fog by Olimipa tile? thank you

  6. Love the kitchen. Very similar to my vision. I recently did a kitchen remodel but still a project to do is the backsplash. I like yours. Can you share information of color and brand? Thanks

  7. Your kitchen is beautiful. I’ve made a note of the backsplash info, but could you please give me some info on that floor. I’m downsizing and doing a whole house reno and LOVE that floor! Any info would be appreciated!

  8. In one of the pictures it looks like it has some kind of clear over it. It looks shiny. Can you tell me what you used on the back splash please
    Thanks Tiffani

  9. Hi there,
    LOVING the vibe of your kitchen. I came looking for inspiration for black knobs/pulls, but fell in love with your backsplash and flooring. Just a couple questions for you if you don’t mind…
    1) How do you find the backsplash as far as cleaning and staining goes?
    2) What colour/kind of grout did you use for the backsplash?
    3) It is difficult to tell from the photos – are your cabinets a true “bright white” or are they off white?

    Thanks for your time!!

    1. Hi!! Thank you so much!
      Backsplash is super easy to clean. No issues at all.
      Not sure about the grout color. I almost always try to match the lightest color I see though.
      Cabinets are a bright white.

  10. Can I ask what color grout you used in the backsplash and do you know what paint color is on your walls? Thank you! I love your kitchen!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing the backsplash information. I can’t wait to order it for my own kitchen.

    What do you have here for countertops?

  12. Love your kitchen! Can you please tell me more about your countertops? Are they granite or quartz? What is the color?

  13. Hello, could you please let me know which countertop you used for your kitchen? I’m using your kitchen design as an inspiration for my kitchen remodel.

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