I love a good gift guide! The holidays are fast approaching and I know you guys are always looking for the best and greatest ideas for all those on your shopping list! Below I a gift guide listed for those tweens ages  9-12 in your family.! All my kids are in this age range this year so I have inside information on what’s hot! Happy Shopping!



  1. Hydro Flask– Every girl this age love a cute hydro flask water bottle for around $40 she will definitely be so VISCO.
  2. Satin Scrunchies– another trend that has come back around full circle! No better place to get all the scrunchies for cheap! $12.99 
  3. Hair Chalk- tweens are quite old enough for highlights so hair chalk is a great way to experience with color and add some personality to their style! 
  4. The ORIGINAL Babysitters Club Book Collection– So nostalgic for me! Plus the new graphic novel books are just not the same as the original! $28
  5. Bluetooth Headphones– super cute headphones in a cute pink and white color scheme. $40
  6. Just Between Us Mother and Daughter Journal– love the idea of having a journal between mother and daughter. You write notes to each other or ask each other questions! Such a sweet tradition and perfect for bonding.
  7. Gymnastics Mat– even if your tween isn’t a gymnast. Every girl needs a mat to stretch on, prative dance moves, or even exercise on! $90
  8. Train Case– I love this for dance recitals but this is also a great thing to have as girl start to learn how to put on makeup! $40
  9. Makeup Brushes- adorable set up makeup brushes!

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  1. Naruto t-shirt- my boys are into all things Anime and Naruto everything is in, including this t-shirt. $29
  2. Guys Guide to God Girls and the Phone is your Pocket- Love this book for practical faith based advice about navigating some of life’s obstacles. $10
  3. Beats– If you have a tween who is super responsible and loves music then this might be a great gift! $189
  4. AirPods– airpods are so in right now with tweens and teens. They are super expensive $144 
  5. Segway Mini–  I hear this is much safer than a hover board and just as fun! $370
  6. Crew Socks– my boys are always losing socks. So seems like socks are the perfect gift. Even for Christmas! ha! $18
  7. Hydro Flask– no so trendy for the guys but still a water bottle that will keep water cold for HOURS! $42
  8. Echo– love this for the boys room. Plus if you catch it on sale during the holidays you can get it for a steal! $90
  9. Weights – as the boys are getting older weightlifting is on their mind! These are the perfect start! $37
  10. Beanie– everyone needs a good beanie. $13
  11. Spikeball– this game has been around for years. The boys play it during PE and want to play it at home too! $100

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