Happy Monday friends!

Today I’m enjoying a bright sunny day here in Phoenix. I live for sunny days and well my home state doesn’t lack sun! But last week it was gloomy for a couple of days so I decided to catch up on some work and decorate my little hutch that I have off the kitchen.

As you can see I collect cake stand or cake plates! I try not to go crazy but if I find one I love I will usually pick it up to add to my display. Most of them are white but I also throw in marble with some wood accents. I love the look of marble and wood! 

If you’re wondering where I get my cake plates from I usually find them at Homegoods. They always change out their inventory so it’s nice to see something new each time I come in. I also like to pick them up at World Market!


I love the way it adds some color to our all white kitchen. I purposely kept everything neutral so I could add color as I pleased and it’s working out just fine! 

Check out some of the sources below! 

Happy Monday friends! Enjoy your day and I hope you get to add a little spring to your home soon! 

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