I’m still working on my master! I wanted to make sure that I included some art in our room.. If you look around my home it’s something that I lack when it comes to decorating. It really comes down to a few different reasons. 

one. I really don’t like any traditional “art” I see. I’m mostly drawn to photography anyway. 

two.When I do find something I like I don’t know what frame to get, how big to get it, and where to put it. Oh the drama.

Choosing Art for the Master Bedroom

It’s actually pretty intimidating. I mean people have art up in there home for YEARS!! BUT I decided to dive in an pick out some pieces I love from one of my favorite places Minted. Remember my Christmas Cards from a few years ago and that large print in my office. 

So for my master bedroom I wanted something that was large,something that I would LOVE to wake up to everyday and fall asleep to every night and also something that was still pretty monochromatic, peaceful and not to loud. For us, that would be the beach:0) Just thinking about it makes me smile. Here are some of my favorites that I think would look amazing in a large print.

Twisted Horizon


Fields of Blue Pacific Ocean


But then again, there’s something about Paris. Maybe because every Paris picture I see is dreamy. (sigh) one day soon I hope to see it in real life. 

Trying out Different Minted Art Looks

Here’s what it might look like in our room! Hmmmm this is gonna be hard! Paris, I’m really liking you. Even if your not monochromatic. See this is why its SO hard! 

Master Bedroom Art Ideas with Minted
Master Bedroom Ideas for Art with Minted
Master Bedroom Art from Minted

So here’s the question. Do I go with something that I LOVE or go with something that stays true to my original design? Hopeful it’s both right? Stay tune:0)

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  1. Wow, you really picked out some BEAUTIFUL pieces Destiny! I’m honestly loving the serenity of the ocean photo, but the Paris one really goes along well with the decor. I’m sorry..I know I’m not much help in picking lol Good luck choosing…I can’t wait to see which one you end up with!

    1. Thank you so much! I should get it sometime today according to the tracking info! I can’t wait to see what it looks like. BUT I have to pick out a frame too! So hold tight:0)

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