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  1. Oh I love this so much! I always look forward to your trees but can I tell you that your kiddos steal the show? They’re gorgeous and I love seeing the joy in their faces. Sending you so much love..xo

  2. This is all just so beautiful! I love the red and black buffalo check theme. It has that wonderfully cozy cabin vibe. Your kiddos look so happy and I love how they even coordinated their outfits with the theme. So much inspiration here <3


  3. So beautiful!!! The best is the wonderful smiles of your beautiful children!! They reallly made it really look like Christmas morning!!

  4. I have done the same tree every year since Savannah was born…18 years! We do a 2nd tree in our large room with the vaulted ceiling’s focused on white, silver and gold. I think I am feeeling inspired to change the stale tree from 18 years, but this is the one I put all the school ornnamnets on. Do you do something special or different with the eclectic kid treasures?

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