This is probably one of my favorite projects to date. It’s one of those projects I thought of while lying in bed and experimented the next morning. Handmade Christmas ornaments are a special way to add some personal touches to your tree. These faux marble ornaments make my black and white Christmas tree elegant and classy! You can pick up all these supplies at your local Michaels

Faux Marble Handmade ORNAMENTS


[line]Faux Marble Ornaments[line]

  • clear glass or plastic ornaments
  • black and white acrylic paint (cheapest) 
  • Plastic cups
  • Small paint brush

First take the top of the plastic ornament. After that take the white acrylic paint and add a generous amount around the inner edges of the ornament. I like to use a cheaper paint because it’s a little watered down so it allows the paint to move more. All the paint to drip down to the bottom. 

Easy Handmade Ornaments  Step One

Shadow Box Gift Box with Free Printable Just Destiny Mag-3

Immediately add the black paint to the bottom and the sides. Then turn the ornament over.

DIY Christmas Ornaments  Just Destiny Mag Step TWO

 Next take your paint brush and gently add some movement to the ornament. if your seeing some spots that need to be filled move the paint towards those spots. Just make sure not to mix the paint, just small soft strokes to keep the marble look. 

Marble Ornaments Step 3

After that set the ornament upside down on to a paper or plastic cup to allow it to dry and drip!

Just Destiny Mag Faux Marble OrnamentsThe final step is to put the cap back on the ornament and hang it! Aren’t these SOOOO gorgeous! Gosh I love them! 

Faux Marble Ornaments DIY Shadow Box Gift Box with Free Printable Just Destiny Mag-10


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♥Michaels has a variety of Make it Merry projects for you and your family to work on this season!


Black and White Christmas Tree

 Spotted Black and White Ornaments Just Destiny Mag


This year Just Destiny Mag is apart of the Michaels Makers team! SO, although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL.. I’ve tried doing them and they don’t seem to come out the same 🙁 do you have. Do you happen to make extra and sell them, I would definitely buy them!

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