So there’s this gumball machine that my mom let me have some while back. Very classic, red gumball machine that I absolutely loved. I’ve used it around the house and even at a few birthday parties. But I wanted to give it a fun makeover. So I decided to spray paint gumball machine and it turned out pretty cute!

How to Spray Paint a Gumball Machine

In my mind I wanted it in my office, gold and glamorized with a touch of glitter. So when I came across Rust-Oleum Gold Glitter Spray I did a little happy dance knowing it was going to be perfect.

Rust-Oleum Glitter Spray Paint

I removed all the parts (glass, inside gadgets, etc) and gave my machine a bath of primer and let that dry. Then just to be safe I sprayed it down with a solid color gold in a satin finish for extra coverage. I wasn’t sure if the gold from the glitter spray paint would be enough but I think it might have been just fine:0) After that I went to town on the glitter.

Gold Gumball Makeover Before and After
A Place for Us Blog Gold Gumball Machine-09 copy
A Place for Us Gold Gumball Machine
Golden Gumball Machine
A Place for Us Blog Gold Gumball Machine

Gold Confetti Wall

Shop Gold Confetti Wall Sources Here!

How do you like it? Fun huh! Like a said a week or so ago…I’m really loving GOLD and my office is on it’s way to becoming something special

Gumball Machine-6
Coral Dresser with Gumball Machine

Here’s some information that you might find useful:

Rust-Oluem is not a food safe product and since I have real gumballs in my machine that I plan on eating all the time:0)  I made sure to seal the inside of the machine so no spray touched it. If your still worried about it, I suggest using a WONDERFUL paint by Martha Stewart that is food and dishwasher safe…and it comes in gold:0)

I really loved this product! I know Krylon has something similar but I’ve never tried it. But what I like about this one is that when you touch it after it dries your not having a glitter fest all over your clothes and hands and face and hair:0)

It pretty much stays in place. I also think the sheen is BEAUTIFUL and you really can’t capture it in a photo:0) It’s not overly glittery either, kinda grown up glitter ya know.

Looking for more of my office? Or those pretty gold dots? Check out those dot and curtains I got on my post about my office! I have a major crush on them:0)

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  1. I’ve been looking for a gumball machine for awhile now–they’re hard to find!

    I love what you did to yours. So glamorous, gold and sparkly! (Of course, I’m having a love affair with gold at the moment.) Your whole office is just perfect, Destiny.

  2. Looks wonderful especially teamed up with the peach color flowers, etc. The dots on the wall are fun.
    Debbie – Deliciously Inspired

  3. Painting the gumball machine gold glitter (from the standard red) is so funny to me. HOWEVER, it is soooo pretty! Kind of like the really pretty pink typewriter Stef redid at Girl.Inspired–super cute.

    1. Thanks Kristin! I know it’s so weird to update something so classic:0) Glad you approve:0)

  4. LOVE this! Oh those colors… GOLD is so hot! I love color and yet you just enhanced this gum ball machine by taking away color and glamorizing it. {by the way, those pearl gumballs are hot too!}

  5. I LOVE this! I had the same one growing up and I’ve never thought to repaint it…especially in gold glitter. This will be perfect in my daughter’s room.

    1. I think they are just a classic piece of American history:0) Every house should have a couple, with real gumballs in them:0)

  6. I love anything gold and this is adorable! I had no idea that spraypaint existed, may have to check it out. I painted a large gumball machine white but now you are making me want to go gold!

  7. I love this project!!! Darling! Where did you get those fabulous drawer pulls on your french dresser? To die for!

  8. I love the gumball machine!! Also, wondering if the polka dots on the wall are from Land of Nod? Looking to do a wall of polka dots in our nursery and trying to decide if I should paint them or use the stickers! Thanks!!

  9. I found this on pinterest an absolutely love the color of the dresser would u happen to know the color you painted it I have an old dresser that could use a beautiful makeover. ….thanks!!

  10. I love the gold too! But I really love the pink dresser…would love to know what colour that is if that is also one of you diy projects… so gorgeous and I hope to have that colour along with mint and navy inmy baby room. Thanks for your blog!

      1. Beautiful color scheme! I want to do something similar in my living room! I love the dresser, too! Did you ever find the name of the website where you got them? Thanks!

  11. Love this! May I ask what brand of gold satin finish spray paint you used? I have an old gumball machine I want to do this to – I just want to make sure it turns out the perfect shade of gold under the glitter as yours did! Thank you!

  12. Hi! I love the room. It looks great! I’d love to have such an uplifting office one day! I can just imagine the inspiration I’d feel every time I’d walk in. I was wondering where you got the gold dots for the wall. Im decorating a nursery at the moment and I think it would look fantastic!
    Thank you!

  13. Hi Destiny,

    Ok just love your blog! Quick question for you. I own an Etsy shop that specializes in kids DIY decor for moms who can’t do it themselves. We wanted to start a new line called “As seen on” highlighting popular pinterest and blog items that seem unattainable to some moms.

    Would you mind if we used some of your pictures starting with the golden Gumball machine. You’d be fully sourced on both the pictures and listings.

    We are averaging about 100-150 views a day so it could hopefully send more traffic your way. Thank you for your consideration and have a fab day ;)!

  14. I LOVE these gumball machines and I always wanted one when I was little! My husband is going to track one down for me on Craigslist to paint for our baby girl’s nursery!!! This is PERFECT!!! 😀 Thank you for sharing!

  15. I absolutely ADORE this!!!! Must have this for my new office! I’ve found a few gumball machines on Amazon and also checked Party City for pink gumballs but they all say not intended for dispenser use. What size gumballs do you use and how large is your dispensed?

  16. I was just gonna buy one of these already done. In fact, she’s using your picture. You just saved me $50. Ill be doing it myself now.

      1. Hi there,

        So this post about the pictures from the gumball. Our shop @tolittlearrows and, are using your pictures but we asked your permission a while ago. We are the shop that does DIY projects for moms who don’t have that knack. Hope all is well and let us know if anything changes ;).

  17. Where did you find white gumballs that fit in a gumball machine? I can only find white ones that are too big!

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