I love this combo I did today with some of my everyday dishes! 

Now I don’t always ( Ok almost NEVER. ha)  set the table but today I was feeling fancy so I decided to mess around with this set. I love how it turned out. The color combo is my JAM! So simple and fresh. Plus the little faux succulent touch makes it perfect. 

If your looking for everyday dishes ( you know the dishes that you use EVERYDAY..ha) then these ones from World Market are a very affordable option and not to mention pretty! Just like I mentioned in my Everday Dish Guide, earthenware chips easier when you compare it to stoneware and it’s not as durable. But the Nantucket and Provence combo,is easily replaceable if you break them and because they both come in white, it’s the perfect choice for any all white dish collection .

I’ve had a few different dinnerware sets over the years folks and all though I always look for the most DURABLE plates and cups, life happens. You WILL accidentally set things down to hard,things will bump up against each other in the sink and so on. So while I do look for the most durable and scratch resistant plates, I also know that they aren’t INVINCIBLE! I really don’t think you be disappointed with these dishes if you’re kind to your dishes. ♥

Simple and Affordable Everyday Dishes

I also love them because with earthenware most designers can add some fun textures to the plates like these below. I love the beaded edge around them! It adds so much interest and texture to an otherwise very plain plate. 

Everyday Dishes from World Market-8

So are you a dish collector or lover? Whats the one thing you look for when buying plates? Do you look for an entire SET or do you buy piece by piece and mix and match? 

Shop the look here…. affiliate links followed

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