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It’s finally time to install our new pantry and murphy bed. The experience up until now has been nothing but wonderful. I have been impressed with how easy The Home Depot Home Organization Services has made the entire process. I’m so eager and ready to see the end results!

What to Expect the Day of the Installation

You can imagine how excited I was to wake up on installation day! I felt like my kids on Christmas morning! The Home Depot crew arrived on time and were ready to work. Everyone was friendly and worked in an organized manner to get things rolling. They seriously function like a well oiled machine. 

The Home Depot Home Services Installation for Pantry

First we needed to prep any areas for demolition. Our workspace for the two projects were the kitchen and office, but the area for the murphy bed did not need any prep work. We got the pantry area ready by laying protection over the floor and removing the pantry door. Then the crew began the demo.

The crew went to work removing all the shelving that made up our old pantry. They took out any nails and cut out any baseboards that would be in the way for our installation. Not only does The Home Depot remove your old unit, they also haul away all the trash!

The Pantry Installation Process

Once the old pantry was completely gutted, The Home Depot professionals got straight to work. Each piece was carefully brought inside and were organized by project. The bottom of the pantry was installed first. During our consultation, I was immediately drawn to a neutral cabinet sample.

I was so excited to see the color in person and it did NOT disappoint! We chose Golden Wheat for the cabinet color in the shaker style door and it is exactly what I was envisioning. I’m so glad I didn’t go with white cabinets! We did choose a white top for the bottom cabinetry to give a visual separation of the two spaces. I love the look!

Pantry Installation from The Home Depot

The top half of the pantry was underway and before I knew it, the pantry was done! Our pantry is 12 x 4ft  and the entire installation only took one day!


The Pantry Reveal

When I first decided to update the pantry, I knew that I wanted to create a space that was not only functional but also elegant. Well, now that the pantry is finally finished, I can tell you that I’m so glad I trusted The Home Depot Home Services for the pantry installation!

Take a look at the before!

Pantry Before Makeover

Are you ready for the reveal??? LOOK!

The Best Pantry Makeover

It’s a dream!!!

I LOVE that I chose to take the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. There is no wasted space, and plenty of extra storage opportunities! Having a specific place to store small appliances was another big must for me. They take up so much space, but with the extended cabinets, I have room for everything!

Another favorite design decision was to add the glass inserts in the cabinets at the very top. Glass front cabinet doors add extra interest and display all the pretty dishes or other items I love. They stylishly help to break up the monotony of the cabinets while also making the pantry seem bigger than it is. You’ll also notice the crown moulding and baseboards that add extra detail. It’s those little additions that give the pantry a finishing touch.

The drawers were a big splurge, but I have to tell you, they make a big difference on how we are planning to store food, like bread and snacks. Drawers are easy to organize and access, too! On the other hand, the open storage is quickly becoming a favorite feature of mine! It’s a lovely way to display cookbooks and other pantry essentials.

I left one side of the pantry completely open with no upper cabinets. Instead, I tiled a brick wall using porcelain brick like tiles from The Home Depot. I also make this shelf using materials from The Home Depot as well. The extra character really makes the space feel warm and intentional. Underneath it all are pull-out baskets meant for your vegetables. These baskets are lined with removable fabric that are washable that will keep your veggies nice and fresh!

The Murphy Bed Installation Process

Preparing to install the murphy bed was a much easier process than the pantry area. We moved some furniture out of the way and we were ready to go! The crew laid down a drop cloth to prevent the cabinets of the murphy bed and our tile from scratching. Installing the murphy bed was very straightforward. The cabinet for the murphy bed went up first and then the installers began building out the frame.

Once the frame of the murphy bed was complete, the cabinet drawers and doors began going up. It felt like no time before the murphy bed was finished!

The Murphy Bed Reveal

What a treat this has been to work with The Home Depot Home Organization Services. It has been such a great investment in adding extra storage, extra space and extra value to our home. Ready to see it?

I had never considered installing a murphy bed before, but I’m so glad I did because Murphy beds are great for adding extra space! Because murphy beds fold up vertically against a wall and are disguised as a cabinet built-in, you can use any room for multiple purposes! What a great multi-tasker!

I would highly recommend surrounding your murphy bed with cabinets. You won’t regret it! The added storage space will be perfect for stowing away bedding and your overnight guests will have a place for all their belongings when they are there to visit.

Designing the murphy bed was a lot of fun. I decided to continue with the shaker style cabinet door design that we used in the kitchen pantry, but we chose Dove Grey for the cabinet color. We upgraded a feature that adds some extra flair by including lights above the bed. Again, the crown moulding and baseboards are finishing details I didn’t want to leave out. I could not be happier with how everything was brought together!

The Home Depot Home Services

From start to finish, using The Home Depot Home Services on these projects was wonderful. My design consultant listened to my ideas and helped bring my vision to life. Everything was customized to fit my needs and my budget! The installation process was smooth and I was impressed with how organized, friendly and professional everyone was to work with. With over 400 home improvement services they provide, I’m sure I will use them again!

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