Family time is hard to come by as the kids get older. I chat with my girlfriends with multiple kids all the time and they can confirm! When the kids get older, when there are more activities to juggle, the harder it becomes to hangout as a family. One of the ways we love to keep the family close and the kids entertained is by spending some time in our backyard together. Right now the weather is warming up so we are enjoying the outdoor weather and have been setting up some games outside to play together until the pool officially opens up! Today I’m sharing our favorite backyard outdoor games for teenagers and preteens!

Spikeball in the yard

Super Fun Backyard Games For Teens


My kids are now preteens/teens so we have some outdoor games that everyone can play. For years our kids have played the game Spikeball at different events at church, birthday parties and even at school as apart of the PE curriculum. Spikeball is described as the perfect combo of four square and volleyball. It’s usually a 2vs2 game that involves rallies, points and side outs!

Spikeball net and ball
Spikeball game for teenagers

Kan Jam

We also love this newer game Kan Jam! If you love frisbee and corn hole then you’ll love this one. Perfect for not only the backyard but for the beach or park too. It’s easy to set up and transport and also comes with its own carrying bag for easy storage. 

Kan Jam Outdoor Game

You can play 2vs2 and the object of the game for you and your partner to rack up points by hitting the can with the frisbee, landing the frisbee in the top of the can or the ultimate win landing the frisbee in the small slot in front! This can happen with the assistance of your partner who stands on the opposite end or just organically! 

Kan Jam game for teenagers
Kan Jam Game for teens
Outdoor games for teenagers
Kan Jam Game in the backyard

More Entertaining Outdoor Games

Outdoor games are a great way for teenagers to stay active, enjoy the fresh air, and engage in some friendly competition. Here’s a list of outdoor games that are perfect for teens:

  1. Ultimate Frisbee – A team game that combines elements of soccer, basketball, and football, but with a frisbee. It’s fast-paced and requires teamwork and strategy.
  2. Capture the Flag – A outdoor game that involves two teams trying to capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to their territory without being tagged.
  3. Paintball or Laser Tag – Both games offer a thrilling experience that involves strategy, teamwork, and quick thinking, as players try to “eliminate” opponents by hitting them with paintballs or laser beams.
  4. Kickball – A classic that combines elements of baseball and soccer, with a rubber ball that players kick instead of hitting with a bat.

Great Outdoor Games to Play with a Big Crowd

  1. Obstacle Course Race – Set up an obstacle course with challenges and obstacles to navigate. This can include things like tire runs, rope swings, balance beams, and mud crawls.
  2. Beach Volleyball – beach volleyball is a fantastic way to enjoy the sun and sand while getting a good workout.
  3. Disc Golf – Played much like traditional golf, but with a flying disc or frisbee. The objective is to complete each hole in the fewest throws possible.
  4. Tug of War – Two teams pull on opposite ends of a rope, with the aim to drag the opposing team across a central line.
  5. Flag Football -Like American football but where tackles are made by removing a flag from the ball carrier’s belt.
  6. Left Right Center – my all time favorite game even for adults! You’ll need the actual game for this one but I love the jumbo version you can buy or DIY!

All these games have strategy and fun that can be enjoyed by teens of all interests and abilities. Feel free to use a backyard, a park, or a specialized facility! There’s something for every group to enjoy outdoors.

Best Outdoor Game for Big Kids and Teens

Younger Kid Outdoor Games and Activities

Target has such a great selection of outdoor toys and games. Giant games like Jenga, bubbles, water balloons and even the cutest little activity tables for the younger ones. My boys LOVED their little outdoor activity table when they were younger. They would play for hours in the backyard as I did some gardening or washed off the patio furniture. 

If you have younger kids like we use too then I think you’ll love these suggestions from a mom who has been there and done that! Plus I still have some nieces that are younger and I’m sure they would love any of these! 

Outdoor Activities for Little Kids

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