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  1. This is beautiful, Destiny! You always have the best ideas. I am definitely inspired. I walked around my Michael’s store in search of the striped candles you shared, but unfortunately they didn’t have them. 🙁

  2. Hello!
    Can you tell me what font you used? Also, how does the silhouette work? How does the vinyl stick to the pumpkin?

  3. I just found the link to this on another blog. It is absolutely beautiful!! I would consider myself somewhere in between a beginner to intermediate level (probably closer to beginner 😉 ) crafter. I would love to make this, but it looks like it might be difficult. What do you think? Honestly? Do you think I should have more experience before I attempt it? Thank you so much!!!
    (I’m saving this on my DIY Pinterest board, because it is so gorgeous and for future reference if I think I can make it)

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