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  1. Hi Destiny, question regarding the water in the chaise lounger. Do you need to change it frequently? if yes, how hard is it to clean? Lastly, does the water get smelly and/or green with the heat?

    1. I recommend taking them out during the off season so they will not stain or get the water line on them. They don’t scratch easily but then again I have white so I may not see them!

  2. Are they comfortable? We’re looking at getting the deeper one. Our water depth on our ledge is 14” Thanks!

  3. Hi Destiny! Is your water ledge 8 inches from the water line or 8 inches from the ledge? I love these, we are about to build a water ledge too and I can’t wait to get some of these loungers for it!

  4. Hi Destiny – I just took your beautiful tour over at Rhoda’s blog today. I saw the ledge loungers in one of the photos and I was hoping you had a post about them – hooray! You answered all the questions I had so thank you. Now I just have to get my husband on board with purchasing them! Thanks!

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