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  1. Hello, Thank you for this information! I too live in Arizona (Anthem), we have a pool with a baja and love it! However, I have been looking for some comfortable baja loungers, so thank you so much for this information

  2. Gorgeous! Would you mind giving me the dimensions of your baja step (including the depth)? I’m currently remodeling my pool and will be purchasing the ledge loungers. Thank you!

    1. Hello! Our baja step is about 20 feet wide and 12 inches deep. We wish we would have gone deeper ( about 15 inches) So the chairs are deeper in the water.

      1. Do you like the look of the lounge even with your ledge being deeper than the 9” recommendation? We were concerned because our shelf is between 9-11” and weren’t sure if the lounger would be ok when the water is deeper, but your comment makes me feel it won’t be an issue.

  3. Hi! Beautiful pool. I am trying to decide on a pebble color for our pool lining. Would you mind sharing the pool lining color you selected? It’s just what I am looking for!

    1. I too would love the dimensions. We are in design mode as well. The current design feels like it won’t be large enough to accommodate 2 as you have here

    2. Hi! This was a custom mix of colors. I think the closet thing would be Tahoe blue. But you must take into consideration your backyard because colors can look drastically different in every setting!

      1. Hi Destiny,
        Lovely mixture of colors you selected. If you do not mind me asking, which stone scape series liner did you select for the Baja step as well as for the rest of the pool?

  4. If my pool is 12” deep, would you go with the higher lounger or regular? Pool is in Cabo where its 80+ degrees most of the year.

  5. Hello! I’m doing my research now and came across your article. We have a ledge with 12” depth, but it looks like the deep chaise has a higher arch and not as comfortable looking as the standard one. Have you sat in the deep chaise? Is it comfortable. It reminds me of my zero gravity bed position which is comfortable only for a short period.

    1. Hi Lenore!
      I have not sat in the deeper chaise so I can’t really let say whether or not it’s comfortable. But I totally get your dilemma! Sorry I can’t help on this one.

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