If you’re hosting an Easter Egg Hunt filled with little ones this year then you MUST stick around for this tutorial. Adding cute little details to your parties are such a treat for your guests but I know sometimes it can get a little time consuming. Today I’m going to show you some simple glass bottles that you can dress up to fit your Easter party theme!

Carrot Top Straws

Kid Friendly Easter Drinks| Just Destiny Mag

How to make Carrot Top Drinks 

  • Green Cardstock ( various shades) 
  • Green Straws
  • Hole punch
  • Glass Bottles
  • Carrot and Orange Naked Smoothie and V8 Splash

First, fold the cardstock in half and use scissors or a cutting tool to cut 1×5 in strips. Fold the strips in half.Carrot Top Drinks

Next stack a few papers up and make a hole in the middle large enough for the straw. To make it easier use one straw as a template.Carrot Top Drinks-2

Then use the hole punch to make a hole large enough so the straw is nice snug.If it’s to big the cardstock will slide all the way down and you don’t want that! 

Carrot Top Drinks-3

In each glass bottle make a mixture of half Naked Smoothie and half V8 Splash. Put the straw in and serve! Keep chilled if not using immediately! Carrot Top Straws  Just Destiny Mag

Check out how to host an Easter Egg Hunt here

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      1. Thank you! I never would have thought of that! My first look was ebay, and everything was vintage and very expensive. I may try these for the kids at church now!

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