Michaels Makers RAW Collection-9

Gift Wrapping RAW with Michaels

Gift wrapping is one of those things that I love to do but rarely have time to actually do it. I almost always go with the classic bag tissue paper combo. But when I do have enough time I like to make my packages cute and sweet.For this months challenge, Michael ‘s sent us a fun package of […] Read more…


Family Vacation

It’s been a couple of weeks since we were last at the beach. We soaked up enough sun for the year on our annual family vacation so I feel super refreshed and full of joy as I write this. It’s so awesome to be married to someone who sees beauty in the same things you […] Read more…

Master Bedroom Ideas for Art with Minted

Master Bedroom Art Ideas

I’m still working on my master! I wanted to make sure that I included some art in our room.. If you look around my home it’s something that I lack when it comes to decorating. It really comes down to a few different reasons.  one. I really don’t like any traditional “art” I see. I’m mostly […] Read more…

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