Floral Tea Cup - Just Destiny_

Day 13: Floral Tea Cup

I had to gt a little creative on this one! It’s a pretty floral tea cup that I picked up at Homegoods the other day. I need to go to my local flower shop and get some more blooms!  I tried a new technique on this on called free lensing . It’s basically removing the lens […] Read more…

Tree Flower - Just Destiny_

Day 12: Tree Florals

This one caught my eye on the way to the park too. It’s a pretty pink bloom that catches your eye when you look up. Such a nice welcome to the blue skies.  I used a Lightroom preset on this one. I love the mood it gives. Looks like the morning sun. Perfectly shadowed.    Read more…

Purple  - Just Destiny_

Day 11: Purple Bush

I snapped a few shots of this bush on our way to the park this afternoon. It’s blooming this beautiful purple flower right now and it’s GORGEOUS. When your driving down the street it looks so amazing.  I had my 50mm lens on and I believe it was at a 2.2 :0) Happy Sunday Friends!  Read more…

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