Now that we have a house full of teens I wanted to share with you guys some books that I’ve been researching and purchasing for the kids! This started a few years ago ( I have a 17 year old right now!) So these bible books for teens that I’m recommending are ones that’ve purchased and thought about purchasing!

Each kids is so different and in the word of screen time and technology my kids know how much I love when they read actual books! Now if that’s a hard thing for you I totally understand BUT most of the time I purchase the books and let the kids sort of find the time to read on their own.

There are so many times I’m surprised when the kids bring up randomly ( sometimes years later) how they read the book! haha!

I just know how important books where to me as I grew up. Outside of the bible I loved reading about faith and getting advice from different stories and drawing inspiration from people of faith.

Bible Books for Teens

Bible Books for Teens


Love this devotional for mornings before school. They are pretty quick, relevant and can be used beyond just the year of devotionals!

Bible books for teens armour of God

Armor of God

Explaining to the young believer about warfare can be a little daunting. I love how Priscilla confidently prepare and teaches teens about spiritual warfare they will or might already be facing and how the enemy has already been defeated.

Bible Book for Teen

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

I remember getting this original book back in high school/ college. I couldn’t wait to pass some of the knowledge on to my kids. Sean does a great job at explaining why good habits matter and how they set you up for success for kingdom building.

Bible books for teens


Another great one by Priscilla! This one is specifically for young teen girls who are dedicated to Christ. In a world who will want to define us this book teachers our girls how God defines them and how important that identify is as they grow in Christ.

Bible Books for Teens

God’s Promises for Everyday

I remember having a God’s Promises book growing up and let me tell you how much I leaned on that book as a teen. It was super small so I could fit it in my backpack. I want my kids to have the same resource on good and bad days.

One God One Plan One Life

I don’t know how many Max Lucado books I have in my house but I don’t mind one more. This one is great for teens who need a powerful devotion to get them excited about serving God and others!

live on purpose bible books for teens

Live on Purpose

I love Sadies spirit when it comes to following Christ. She encourages young women to live with intention and to take the time to celebrate moments.She invites her readers to let go of fear, anxiety and comparison and to just LIVE in Christ.

I hope this helps you pick out some books to help your teen as the journey through life!

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