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  1. This is such a cute idea! I just love your blog..I was hoping you could share your creativeness with some ideas for father’s day gifts. I’m stuck with something to do for my husband…First time dad…So I want it to be special, hoping you could help out 🙂

  2. OMG! So we have this Christian bent & dent store where I live called Wings of Eagles & about a year or less ago, I found a super cute tray JUST like that there! I kept picking it up & putting it back, then the boyfriend came in there & saw it & picked it up & put it back. But I SAW him…so we finally got it! lol I think it was only like 6 or 8 bucks! But our back kept falling off of it & we really didn’t like having it with the pictures in it! Mostly bc I wanted to set things ON it & they always covered the photos! lol SOOOO apparently he just kinda tucked it away until we could decide what to do with it, but I thought he had thrown it out when we moved. Well, I JUST showed him what you made & he says “hey, we have one of those, it’s under the couch!” WHAT?! I didn’t know this, well bc we JUST got these couches, and honestly I haven’t gotten around to moving them to clean UNDER them! lol (we don’t have small children & there’s only my 12 yo brother, so no need to really!) ANYWAY…I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS TUFTED SERVING TRAY!! lol And how about he says “oh, that’s cute…it’s looks so FANCY!” HA! I love my boyfriend & thanks SOOOO much for making this, bc now I can re-purpose my old one! You’re such a decorating diva Destiny! Thanks again!!

    PS: I’ll make sure to send you a photo of the finished product when I make mine!! =)

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