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  1. I definitely love the bright stars but I have always wanted our family name done in a custom piece. Great job with the “math”. It looks wonderful!

  2. Hard to decide; I love the polka dots and the stars, but I think the dark stars on the light wall win!

  3. I would probably go with the stars as well. I think it would be a great look for a unisex nursery-not too twee or something you would have to redo as soon as they got a little older!

  4. I would choose the white stars for my two boys’ room simply because that’s what Destiny chose. 😉

  5. I love the Baroque Pop Wall stencil and the stars you used in your son’s room. They are all so cool!!!

  6. We are FINALLY (8 years later!) at a point I’m ready to truly start decorating – you are such an inspiration! I love this post! You are so talented! 🙂

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