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Just wanted to let you know that I’m over at the Home Depot blog today. I was asked to give my patio a makeover just in time for spring. If you’re following me on Instagram then  you know we are in the middle of a BIG project as we hurry to finish our yard before summer hits! 

Over at the The Apron blog you will find a small sample of what we are hoping to do under the covered patio area. See the entire space and more here! 


Plus you’re in for a treat! More of your favorite bloggers joined in on this Spring Patio Challenge too! You are going to LOVE the creativity and personal style of each makeover!  

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  1. So many cute and simple touches. Adding fruit to intricate and unique decorate bowls or trays is a go to in my spring home decor. It adds a pop of color and brings a bit of a natural element.

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