Last weekend I spent sometime adding some spring touches to Livy girl’s room. I redid her room a year or so ago and I love the way it turned out.  Pretty Girl Rooms (78 of 102)

More pictures here.

[line]Spring Bedroom Update[line]

Spring time always has me in the mood for florals. So when I spotted thiis BHG Floral Comforter Set, I knew it was coming home with me! It’s so pretty and feminine and fits her and her room just perfectly. Besides that, 5 pieces for 50 bucks is a great deal. 

Better Homes and Garden Bedding - Just Destiny_-2
Better Homes and Garden Bedding - Just Destiny_-30

I love the ruching that this comforter comes with. It’s a lot like her white one, but the comforter makes it super easy to put on and off the bed. No fighting the duvet cover! Better Homes and Garden Bedding - Just Destiny_-15Besides two pillow shams, the set comes with two decorative pillows to help tie everything together. You know I love a pillowy bed. PILLOW LOVE!

Just Destiny Mag Better Homes and Garden

She was also in need of some new sheets and a lighter blanket now that its warming up a bit. So I also grabbed a cotton sheet set in white and a gray woven blanket in gray.

Better Homes and Garden Bedding - Just Destiny_-26 Better Homes and Garden Bedding - Just Destiny_-19I didnt plan on it but somehow I found myself in the lighting section.You know what they say “When in Walmart” haha. Just kidding, no one says that.  Anyways, I came across the cutest little bunny night light! Isnt it so SWEET! Oh my goodness. I knew it would be perfect for her. Get this you guys. She’s been asking Reggie and I for a sister. Like a real live one. She told us a few times with her puppy dog eyes that its not fair that she has to sleep by herself. She said mommy and daddy share a room and the boys share a room and I have know one to share a room with. I’m lonely. Talk about heartbreaking.

Better Homes and Garden Bedding - Just Destiny_-21 Better Homes and Garden Bedding - Just Destiny_-9

So I bought her a bunny:0) ( Great parenting skills I know) Hopefully her new light will keep her company. Cause I’m not sure where we are going to ge a sister from. I’ll talk to God about that:0)Better Homes and Garden Bedding - Just Destiny_-8

Better Homes and Garden Bedding - Just Destiny_-16

Better Homes and Garden Bedding - Just Destiny_

Better Homes and Garden Bedding - Just Destiny_-10

Are you all sprucing up the home for spring? Adding flowers? Changing sheet and blankets? Maybe just adding some new pillows to your family room? Let me know!

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Soft Cotton Wrinkle Free Sheets in WHITE

Floral Ruched Bedding

Bunny Light 

Ruffled Skirt 

Gray Blanket


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  1. That comforter is so sweet. And how adorable is the bunny light!? Her whole room is too stinkin cute. Our middle kiddo went through a new baby phase. She would beg and cry about it. Promising she’d take care of it. Thankfully, it was a passing fancy. 🙂

  2. The link for the bunny light goes to an elephant light. Do you have the link for the bunny light? What section in the store did you find it (lighting/childrens)? Thanks

  3. I just love the colors you opted for! I am thinking of adding some sham pillows and a throw to my bedroom to change it up a bit.

  4. This room is SO dreamy, I love every little detail! If if makes you feel any better my daughter has been asking me the same thing! She wants so badly to share a room with someone and I keep trying to tell her #1 she’s not getting another sibling and #2 sharing a room is less fun that she thinks it would be. 🙂 It kind of breaks my heart though.


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