I can’t believe it’s already the end of January! At this rate, 2017 will be here before I know it:0) But before we jump to far a head I wanted to share another naked cake for you today. This one is chocolate on chocolate and topped of with even more chocolate. So needless to say, if you’re a chocolate lover, then this one is for YOU! I’m thinking your man will melt if your pulled this bad boy out of the fridge on Valentine’s Day! Not only that you can find a few other Valentines Ideas along with some pretty sweet giveaways! Just follow along at the end of this post! 


I have a full tutorial here for you on how to make naked cakes, but for now I will give you a small step by step on how I put this cake together. 

First I used these pans from Wilton to make a smaller size cake. Since this is technically a cake for two, I wanted it to be smaller. But honestly, it’s just as big as a full size cake, just a lot taller. When it comes to naked cakes, layers are where it’s at. 

How to Make a Naked Cake_-2

You will need

1 full recipe of your favorite chocolate cake or box cake, I don’t judge :0)

4 cups of your favorite dark chocolate frosting

 1 cup of chocolate ganache.

Bake the cakes as directed and let the cakes cool completely. I ran errands and came back and they were good to go. You can even wrap them up and freeze them if you like! 

Then take each layer and cut of the humps. We need a level layer to stack them up nice and neat. 

How to Make a Naked Cake_-7

Then place the cake upside down onto the plate.

How to Make a Naked Cake_-3

After that begin to layer. Cake, frosting, cake, frosting, cake, etc.

How to Make a Naked Cake_-5 How to Make a Naked Cake_-6 How to Make a Naked Cake_-8 How to Make a Naked Cake_-9

And poor the ganache over the top.

How to Make a Naked Cake_-21


How to Make a Naked Cake_-16

How to Make a Naked Cake_-20



  • Check as you go to see if the cake is even. Get on eye level and adjust each layer as needed.
  • Use the most level side as your top each time. 
  • Use a generous layer of frosting. 1/2 cups or more on each layer.
  • If things seem to be melting or if your cake is shifting and sliding then its to warm. Remember let your caked cool completely. 



To help you make this yummy cake I’m giving away a $25 Michaels gift card so you can get your own 5 layer cake pans and more! 

Michaels Giveaway


That way you can get your naked cake on! All you need to do is leave me a comment below talking about naked cakes. Do you love them, hate them or don’t get them?



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  1. This naked cake looks delicious! All the goodness of a chocolate cake without all the extra messing icing surrounding it! I’m sold!!

  2. I do love them! Sometimes there is just too much frosting…so I think its a great way to get the great frosting in a good combination with the cake! I love your 5 layer! So beautiful!

  3. I find naked cakes to be quite lovely! Sometimes the simplicity can have a bigger impact than a traditional (and many times overwhelmingly iced) cake! 🙂

  4. I had never heard of them until recently I saw some things about them on Instagram. I’m still a little unsure of them but would love to give it a shot and try to make one! I’ve seen some turn out SUPER cute!

  5. I love the idea of a “naked cake”!!!!It looks delish, and much less messy than a normal cake. Of course sometimes those are the best.

  6. YUMMY!!! I am a chocolate addict! I’m ashamed to say…the first time I saw a Naked Cake I was not a fan. I guess I was used to cakes looking a certain way, and it just threw me off a bit. Though I’m yet to taste one, I have to say, I find them more and more appealing visually. They are gorgeous! I’m thinking of trying my first in a few weeks for my little guy’s second birthday party! Thanks for the tips!!!

  7. I love naked cakes and yours looks delicious! They’re less “fussy” than the fully frosted ones… and I really, really don’t like the fondant ones.

  8. So pretty! Where did you get those cute little cake pans? They are so tiny, but the perfect size. I gotta have some!

  9. Yum, yum and did I mention YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! That cake looks like a work of art. I’ve only made one naked cake but love ’em.

  10. I think yours looks great. Some of us rely on frosting to cover up our baking mistakes, so I wouldn’t try making naked anything!

  11. I adore a naked cake. They seem much less intimidating and taste just as wonderful as a fully frosted cake. Yours looks amazing!

  12. Looks absolutely delicious!! I love the trend of naked cakes and how they are growing in popularity! They look so fancy and involved but this makes it seem more manageable. Great tips – thank you!

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