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I’m back today with a family room update! The last time I shared it was here. Since then I’ve done some updates to the entire area.

We replaced our Ikea console table with a beauty from DownEast Home. It was the only one that I could find that was long enough to fit our family room. Most tv consoles are super short and deep but I wanted something that acted more like a buffet with lots of storage. I even thought about going the custom route but when this one went on sale, the hubby and I jumped right on it.


Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_ Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_-2 Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_-19

It’s a little open in the middle because of our receiver and cable stuff. We need to cut a little hole in the back so it goes back a few inches:0) But most of the time it’s open:0) 
We also I added some gorgeous and functional lighting to the sides of our TV. These Kenroy lights are so perfect in here I can’t even tell you. I love the fact that they are plug ins and act like sconces more than lamps. The swing feature makes it easier to add light where we need it. Plus it adds to the overall ambiance of the room. I’m all about mood lighting!  

Thanks to the team at Kenroy Home for sending us a pair of these beauties for our space! 

Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_-27

Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_-22


Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_-25

 I also added a chair and a coffee table!  Remember last month I won a gift card to Living Spaces? Well I spent those winnings and I spent it well.

Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_-3

This chair so so comfy and deep according to some our guests that have tried it out:0) I was very attracted to the fabric choice,which is surprisingly a in stock choice! So I got to bring this baby home same day! Even though I wanted to spend the money on some things for our playroom, I’m happy that I spent it on some upgraded items in our family room. 

Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_-5

The coffee table is something I shared on my Instagram feed awhile ago and was actually the first piece I bought. Again, it was in stock and I was able to pick it up SAME DAY from Living Spaces! Seriously makes me so happy. lol! It’s a beauty that reminds me of the baluster table from Restoration Hardware but way less! 

Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_-10 Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_-12 Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_-16

As you all know once you get a new piece, other pieces follow. So when I saw this end table at my local Homegoods the other day I knew it was the PERFECT piece for this space. The curves and color on this baby is gorgeous. I like to mix and match my furniture and I usually go with items that have some type of curve on it. Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_-4

Because of the new chair annnnd table :0)  I decided to lighten up my brown paint with Functional Gray by Sherwin Williams. Which is differnt from the rest of the walls. That one is called Oatbran by Valspar. A wonderful neutral.

On top of that new paint color you can see some beautiful prints from a Etsy store called Color Zen. They are watercolor prints of different ferns. I adore the natural element of them and I knew they would be perfect for this space. 

Green and Gray Family Room Inspiration -Just Destiny_ Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_-52

Here are some more photos of our family room! Enjoy and look for a list of sources at the bottom of this post! 

Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_-36 Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_-42

 Green and Gray Family Room Inspirationl -Just Destiny_-28

We haven’t updated these niches in a while BUT I do have a plan for them! Just trying to figure out home much it will cost! What would you do to these niches friends? 

Just Destiny Family Room Details Just Destiny Mag Family Room Green and Gray Just Destiny Mag Green Pillows and Textures


Paint: Sherwin William Functional Gray-Top | Oatbran Valspar

Pillows: Living Spaces( Green) Homegoods( Gray and Green one on Chair) 

Sofa: Robert Michaels 

Chair: Living Spaces

Coffee Table: Living Spaces

Gold Garden Bench: Joss and Main 

Curvy Side Table: Homegoods

TV Console: Down East Home

Curtains: JcPenney

Sofa Table: World Market

Green Glass: Goodwill

Carpet: Lowes

Fur Rug: Homegoods

Swing Lamps: Kenroy Home 

Large Bucket with Flowers: Homegood Flowers:Michaels

Small Wooden Stool: Homegoods

Plant and Planter: Ikea

Wall Behind Chair: 

 Thanks everyone! Hope you enjoyed my family room tour! Let me know if you have any questions or need to point out any spelling errors that might be bothering you:0) lol! 

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  1. Amazing!! It makes me wanna redo my family room.
    Can you tell me the brand of carpet from Lowes and color? Are you happy with it? Is it holding up well? Thank you!!


  2. Beautiful room! Could you share about your curtain rod? I also have a very long window and can never find a rod that works. Your’s looks great!

  3. Just gorgeous destiny! I love the details you shared as well as the big pieces! each one adds so much warmth…everything makes a difference!

  4. Just found you via Instagram and the round robin giveaway…and absolutely love your space! I am in the process of doing my own family room in grays and greens. Love your chair!! I am doing drapes in the same fabric.

  5. How refreshing your space is. I love blue and grey but I think I just broke up with blue and like green now! Can you share your source for the little signs/hangers above the doorways in the hall?

  6. Such a beautiful room!!! Wow! I’m a new follower to your blog and find myself lost in all the beauty! Did you ever share a tutorial how you did your living room board and battan wall?? I think this is a perfect solution to our standard AZ home TV cutout niche :). Thank you for sharing your gorgeous home!

  7. Hi there,

    What couch is this? I am trying to find it but concerned about the care. I have a toddler who isn’t exactly the neatest! thanks!

  8. I am new to your blog. Have you ever blogged about your wall behind the T.V.? Not sure what to call it but it looks like it is framed.

  9. I am new to your blog. Have you ever blogged about the wall behind the T.V.? Not sure what to call it but it looks like it is framed.

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