It’s been pretty rainy here so it totally got me in the mood for some Fall decorating. Do you guys say Fall or Autumn? Autumn seems so formal:0) I know we will have a few more hot days before it finally cools down but I just was n that mode ya know:0)  After dragging all my Fall goodies from the garage I looked through all of my stuff an said to myself “Hmmmm, that’s it?” Ha. Seriously, I feel like I go shopping every year for Fall décor!!! I only decorate my living room and front door/porch but I still was coming up short. So I headed to my local Homegoods and got some great stuff to pretty up my mantel.

Easy Fall Mantel Ideas

I got the Apple Picking sign from Homegoods! Isn’t it so fun. Now that I’m looking at it…everything is from Homegoods!!! haha!

Fall Mantel Ideas-1

I decided to draw my fire with some chalk:0) It’s super easy. Just get some chalkboard paint and sand down a piece of plywood and insert into you fireplace:0) I can’t teach you how to draw the fire….lol. I don’t even know how I did it.

Fall Mantel Ideas

Autumn Mantel Ideas (1)


Have you started to decorate yet? I’m such a early eager bird when it comes to seasonal decorating. Plus I don’t decorate for Halloween so this will stay up until November:0)

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  1. It looks so warm and cozy! I love Home Goods and have to prevent myself from shopping there since its so tempting to buy! I have slowly started my fall decorating around here. Mine stays up till Thanksgiving too since I don’t do Halloween decor either!


  2. I really love all of your Fall decor! (I say Fall too.) Home Goods really is the best! There is one not too far from my house, but I try not to go there too often – ha! I love decorating for Fall. I normally do my porch and my living room only too! I live in a two story home so even for holidays where I decorate a bit more – like Christmas – my decor seems to stay on the bottom floor of the house. I don’t really decorate for Halloween either! Straight to just Fall stuff for me. =]

  3. Love it!
    I was wondering if you would sell prints of your kitchen photography? I especially love the apple print! They’re just what my kitchen needs 🙂

      1. I love the one with green apples in the blue bowl with the white cake stand in the background(I think it’s over your pantry)!
        Thanks so much! 🙂

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