My office is just a work in progress. I think I’ve changed my mind about 30 times when it comes to this room. I really want to show you guys the final reveal but until then you can definitely get your fix with these posts including the super popular confetti wall I did a few years ago and the gold gumball machine that is SO fun!  One thing that’s not leaving my office anytime soon is GOLD. With the help of I made over this cute little lampshade the other day. Spray painting my base a bright pink by Rust-Oleum and giving my shade a geometric makeover! 

Diy Lampshades Just Destiny Mag-3

The first thing I did was start out with a blank lampshade. Then I added some painters tape (Scotch) and began to give it a random geometric pattern. I overlapped and connected the different lines of tape and made sure it adhered to the lampshade very well so there was no bleeding! 



Diy Lampshades Just Destiny Mag-2


Then I took an artist brush and painted the shade gold using Martha Stewart Crafts Mutli Surface Metallic Gold Acrylic Craft Paint. I love this paint sooooo much! It goes on super easy and is the perfect shade of gold. Not that brassy gold. A pure pretty gold:0) 

Martha Stewart Gold Paint

A few minutes after I painted the entire thing,did some touch ups and removed the tape! I also used fine sand paper to scuff it JUST a bit! The result is amazing and it was a super easy thing to do! How fun would different colors be? You could do so much with this technique. It reminds me of when I was in elementary school and I did the random scribble and then used my box of crayola to color them all different colors! Awesome! 

Just Destiny Mag DIY Lampshade


Diy Lampshades Just Destiny Mag-6


Now here is the fun part! If you head on over to Blog and vote for this shade you are automatically entered into a $50 giveaway! But wait there’s more! Ha! If I win then my awesome readers…YOU get another chance to win $100 dollars to right here on the blog. Plus I get a little something something for another project. I know you LOVE projects! So lets do this! 

So GO here to vote! Mine may not even be your favorite but I want you to go anyway:0) 

Thanks letting me join your #lampsDIYchallenge along side with some other GREAT creatives! 

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  1. I always love looking at this room, there are so many inspiring aspects (I actually painted my bathroom vanity a light pink after seeing your coral one!)

      1. Destiny, love your gold-brushed lampshade best of all! It looks sleek and modern with the random white design and I like the way you roughed up the gold with sandpaper for a more deluxe look.

        1. Thanks so much! I loved that technique too! Not really sure how it would turn out but I do think I like it better than just a solid gold! Thanks for appreciating that:0)

  2. Destiny What a very sassy and fun and girly lampshade! And that lamp!!!! So cute!!!
    I love all the creativity and inspiration of the lampshade challenge, don’t you? Fun to in this with you!!!

  3. So, I went to to vote for someone else’s shade, but loved yours sooooo much, I had to vote for you! Love it! Well done!!! Hope you win!

    1. Oh my goodness! I’m laughing so hard right now! I kinda feel bad. Sort of. HAAA! Thanks for the well wishes. Everyone did a great job but I’m so happy you decided to vote for me! xoxo Destiny

    1. Thanks so much Maryann! It was a joy meeting you IRL at Snap too! It was such a great time right? I was so happy when I saw your name on the challenge page! xoxo Destiny

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